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REVIEW: The Bad Batch – Season 2, Episode 6, “Tribe”

*SPOILERS* “Tribe” finds the Batch making a delivery to a notorious crime syndicate on Cid’s behalf. Echo and Omega are tasked with watching the ship while the others make the drop. However, when Echo decides to prep the Havoc Marauder, Omega sees her chance to explore and runs i...

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REVIEW: The Bad Batch – Season 2, Episode 5, “Entombed”

***SPOILERS*** “Entombed” finds Omega and Wrecker scavenging parts from a crashed ship. Back at Ord Mantel, Tech takes the piece Wrecker secured but says Omega’s parts are junk. However, Phee identifies one as a compass, and they all head off to find treasure. Within the ancient mo...

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REVIEW: The Bad Batch – Season 2, Episode 4, “Faster”

***SPOILERS*** “Faster” opens on Ord Mantell, where Cid offers Omega, Tech, and Wrecker a new mission as her bodyguards. They attend a riot race, and Cid’s racer, a droid named TAY-0, wins. An acquaintance of Cid’s named Millegi challenges her racer with his own, and she acce...

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REVIEW: The Bad Batch – Season 2 Episode 3, “The Solitary Clone”

*SPOILERS* “The Solitary Clone” opens on a planet called Desix as Imperial Forces clash with one Governor Ames. Vice Admiral Rampart orders Crosshair to join a squad headed there led by Commander Cody, who specifically requested Crosshair. Cody attempts to negotiate a peaceful solution, ...

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REVIEW: The Bad Batch – Season 2, Episodes 1 and 2, “Spoils of War” and “Ruins of War”

*SPOILERS* “Spoils of War” finds the Batch fleeing a herd of angry giant crabs. Once they escape and return to Ord Mantel, Cid gives them a new mission to Sereno, the former home of Country Dooku. They set off to pillage the remains of Dooku’s fortune and valuable items. However, in the effort...

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Bad Batch Season 2 Gets Unique Airing Schedule

We now know Disney+’s release schedule for The Bad Batch season 2. Unlike season 1, this installment will have three 2-part episodes released together. Disney+ is no stranger to releasing two or even three episodes at premiere, but this is the service’s first two-part finale release. C...

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