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New Loki Season 2 Trailer is Essentially a Memo

With just a month to go till Loki launches its second season on Disney+, the ad campaign isn’t letting up. A new trailer is now online, much briefer than the previous one and with no new information, but it does have one of those mega-lame cut-aways from a character about to curse. (“Everything...

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Ahsoka Clip: “Droid Fight”

Today, Lucasfilm dropped another Ahsoka clip. This one is titled “Droid Fight” and displays Ahsoka and Sabine’s martial prowess. Check it out here:  We can assume this scene is from tonight’s episode. For one thing, it still looks like Denab based on the trees. I wish they w...

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Marvel Disney+ Shows Delayed, Renamed, and/or Removed From Schedule

Marvel’s Disney+ lineup is feeling the sting of the actors’ and writers’ strikes. An exclusive from The Hollywood Reporter reveals that most of the upcoming Marvel shows have either been delayed or removed from the schedule completely, which Disney says is “spreading out their content.” Ec...

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Journey to The Marvels Trailer Plays Catch-up

In the leadup to its next film, Marvel hopes to catch you up on things you either don’t remember or never saw in the first place. A new trailer (of sorts) for The Marvels was released today, titled “Journey to The Marvels,” and it’s the advertising equivalent of a clip show. Plot points from...

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Ahsoka Underperforms, Lucasfilm Lies

Samba TV reports that Ahsoka underperformed in its viewings on Disney+, pulling in about 1.2 million screens in its first six days. Check out Samba’s assessment here: However, Disney and Lucasfilm are already spinning it, trying to claim that Ahsoka drew in 14 million viewers. Here’s ...

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Disney+ Continues Cuts With Nautilus, Spiderwick Chronicles

Two Deadline exclusives today revealed that Disney+ has canceled its Twenty-Thousand Leagues Under the Sea prequel series Nautilus, which would have revolved around a young Captain Nemo, as well as the Spiderwick Chronicles show they had announced. The latter, based on the children’s fantasy novel...

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