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Gina Carano’s Twitter Account Has Been Deleted

Are they coming for Gina Carano again? The former Mandalorian actress’ Twitter account has been deleted, and it’s unclear if the overlords of the social media site did it or if Carano chose to leave. If the former, it’s almost certainly because of her role in the upcoming Breitbart film My Son...

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Breitbart Movie My Son Hunter Gets a Teaser

Breitbart wants a piece of The Daily Wire’s movie action. Daily Mail broke the news that a teaser for the conservative news outlet’s upcoming film My Son Hunter was released today. My Son Hunter is a dramatization/satire – as near as I can tell – revolving around the Hunter Biden laptop, whi...

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Jeremy Makes a Mistake, Still Ratios G4

So, Ryan and Drunk 3PO might be fired. I’m kidding, but they did get Jeremy into a quagmire (which he somehow managed to navigate). Three days ago, G4TV – sworn enemy of male gamers everywhere – tweeted an image asking their followers to name the best villain of all time. Above the image, they...

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REVIEW: Terror on the Prairie (2022)

The return of Gina Carano has come, and her redemption is at hand; The Daily Wire’s 4th and most ambitious film, Terror on the Prairie, was released onto The Daily Wire’s streaming service to stand in stark opposition to the politically infused and motivated Hollywood output. This film does not ...

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Geeks + Gamers Attended the Terror on the Prairie Premiere

On Monday night, Geeks + Gamers went to Nashville to attend the premiere of The Daily Wire’s new movie Terror on the Prairie, starring Gina Carano and Nick Searcy. There’s been a lot of buzz about The Daily Wire venturing into filmmaking in an attempt to counter mainstream Hollywood’s ever-lef...

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Gina Carano Responds To Grace Randolph’s “Malicious Lies” Online

While defending Star Wars actress Moses Ingram on Twitter, YouTube film critic Grace Randolph made a false claim about Gina Carano. This has now drawn a response from the Daily Wire actress.  Grace Randolph’s initial tweet said, “under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you harass ANY talent in f...

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