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A Halloween TV Series is Coming

Remember Halloween Ends, the movie they said would definitively end the Michael Myers story? Well, if anyone bought that line, they’re in for a shock, because a Halloween TV series is on its way. In an interview with Deadline, Marc Helwig, Head of Worldwide Television at Miramax, talked about a f...

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REVIEW: American Horror Stories Season 3 (2023)

American Horror Stories has been very hit or miss since it aired. In fact, despite a few good episodes like “Ba’al” and “Dollhouse,” I have been unimpressed with the show overall. The anthology show is a spin-off of American Horror Story, the distinction being that St...

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American Horror Stories Season 3 to Serve as Halloween Event

American Horror Stories, the spin-off anthology series of the FX horror drama American Horror Story, has a season 3 on the way. But unlike the previous two installments, season 3 is a four-part Halloween event for Hulu! The full episode breakdown is unavailable up to this point, but Lisa Rinna has b...

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American Horror Story Seasons 1-10 Ranked!

This Halloween season, I haven’t had the time to watch many new (to me) spooky movies. However, one thing I’ve never gotten around to is ranking the seasons of American Horror Story, probably the longest-running show I’ve finished. I’ve reviewed the most recent seasons, but t...

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REVIEW: Halloween Ends (2022)

It’s been a week since Halloween Ends was released in theaters, and I know I’m late on this review. Please accept my apologies, readers, as for some reason, I thought the film came out the same weekend as Black Adam and not the week before. And, to be fully transparent, I was a bit hesitant &hel...

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REVIEW: The Owl House Season 3, Episode 1, “Thanks to Them”

This Saturday saw the release of “Thanks to Them,” the first of the three specials comprising season 3 of The Owl House. The creative team behind this show has a lot to wrap up in approximately two hours, but I think they can do it. This episode is Halloween-themed, which seems appropri...

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