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Red Band King’s Man Trailer Gets Zany

Manners have gone out the window as 20th Century Studios – which is no longer 20th or 21st Century Fox because it’s property of the Magic Kingdom now – has released a red band trailer for The King’s Man. A prequel to the wacky Kingsman spy series based on Mark Millar’s comic books, The Kin...

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Matthew Vaughn Spy Film Argylle Bought by Apple

Apple is hoping “manners maketh man” translates to movie franchises. Deadline reports that Apple Original Films has purchased the rights to Argylle, a spy film to be directed by Matthew Vaughn. Based on an upcoming book by Ellie Conway, Argylle is about “the world’s greatest spy as he is cau...

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New King’s Man Trailer Arrives Online

We’re finally about to discover the origins of the organization that gave us Eggsy Unwin and Harry Hart, as the new trailer for The King’s Man has arrived online. The King’s Man trailer opens as Rhys Ifans’ Rasputin and his henchmen plot to cause chaos, proclaiming that World War I w...

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Mark Millar Sheds Light on His Superman Film

The Man Without Fear might have become the Man of Tomorrow. In a recent interview with Aspiring Kryptonian, Mark Millar illuminated a bit more about his take on Superman and how that project was going to shake out. Millar explained that he never actually pitched his take to director Matthew Vaughn, ...

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Kingsman Prequel The King’s Man Trailer Debuts

Matthew Vaughn attempts to be superior to his former self as 20th Century Fox (Disney?) has released the teaser trailer for the Kingsman prequel, The King’s Man. Set during World War I, The King’s Man tells the story of how the Kingsman organization was formed. Directed by Vaughn, as the previou...

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Matthew Vaughn Talks X-Men and Superman Plans

We finally have some insight into some of Matthew Vaughn’s past projects. First up is his plan for the trilogy that would have spawned from X-Men: First Class. Vaughn’s originally wanted to introduce a new Wolverine, possibly portrayed by Tom Hardy, in the first sequel, which would then culminat...

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