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Taking to the Skies with Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

My favorite movies have always been of the popcorn entertainment variety. At their best, I affectionately refer to them as “dispensers of joy.” They dare us to dream, inspire us to be the best versions of ourselves, and, sometimes, to create. Such is the case with Kerry Conran’s 2004 s...

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REVIEW: The Orville – Season 2, Episode 10 “Blood of Patriots”

The Orville wasted no time exploring some of the new threads opened by last week’s incredible episode with “Blood of Patriots,” a mystery that sheds some light on Gordon’s past and puts a potential peace between warring systems in a new light. It’s also funny, exciting, and the most import...

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Pacific Rim Anime on the Way From Netflix

Looks like the apocalypse is about to get animated. Deadline reports that Netflix has a new lineup of anime originals, including the Pacific Rim anime, which will center on a pair of siblings as they try to find their parents. From day one I’ve loved the Pacific Rim franchise. It was, well, a li...

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REVIEW: Hal (2013)

As much as I love anime, I will admit that the one genre I tend to stay away from is romance. There’s something about typical romance anime tropes that make the relationships completely unbelievable. When I do decide to dive into the genre, I typically grab a Makoto Shinkai film because I know...

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REVIEW: Lost in Space – Season 1, Episode 10 “Danger, Will Robinson”

“I never should have saved him. I should have let him die in that tree.” *Spoilers* “Danger, Will Robinson,” the final episode of season 1, starts off with Will watching videos of himself with the robot. Don and John are alive on part of the ship. June brings Judy and Maureen back, both thri...

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REVIEW: Lost in Space, Season 1, Episode 8 “Trajectory”

“I don’t want your chicken.” “And I don’t want to hurl through space, but here we are.” *Spoilers* In “Trajectory,” John and Maureen see the Darrs embarking to leave planet. John climbs aboard, sabotages their Jupiter and summons the other families. The Robinsons inform everyone that...

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