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The Women of Star Wars: Princess Leia

Contrary to what Disney might have you believe, they didn’t create the concept of female Star Wars characters, or even female leads in the franchise. Of course, Princess Leia is one of the franchise’s most iconic characters and a beloved cinematic heroine in general. But there were others after ...

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Why I’m Excited: Rogue One TV Series

Full disclosure: I was trying to avoid writing this one, in part because I just did a Star Wars-centric piece and I wanted to space (no pun intended) out Star Wars articles. Yet when the Rogue One TV series was announced with Diego Luna reprising the role of Cassian Andor, the possibilities began ro...

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Cassian Andor Series in the Works for Disney +

Lucasfilm is going back to the well once again – albeit one of the shallower parts of the well – as Disney CEO Bob Iger announced earlier that a series revolving around Cassian Andor will be coming to Disney + (formerly Disney Play, or so we thought). Cassian Andor is the Rebel spy played by &he...

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