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D23 Updates: Star Wars Edition

The D23 festivities continued today with various Star Wars announcements and releases, not the least of which was the Mandalorian season 3 trailer! Check it out here: I believe this is the same trailer that leaked at Star Wars Celebration earlier this year. Regardless, it looks great. I love seein...

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Bad Batch Release Date Clarified

The Bad Batch season 2 has been delayed multiple times since its announcement last year. Now, the official Australian Star Wars site has cleared up the confusion by reaffirming the previously redacted release date of September 28th. Check out the update here: “Star Wars: The Bad Batch S2 Ava...

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Bad Batch Season 2 Delayed Again

As we’ve been predicting and dreading, The Bad Batch season 2 has been delayed again. The show’s second installment was initially marketed for a spring 2022 release, later to be moved to “coming soon.” At one point, Disney+ had a banner for the show advertising a September 28th release dat...

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RUMOR: Bad Batch Season 2 to Premiere September 28th

Disney+ has the trailer for season 2 of The Bad Batch as one of the titles on its banner in the app. Allegedly, the slider for the show initially displayed “Coming September 28th,” only to later be changed to “coming soon.” This comes following the trailer debut at last week&...

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Star Wars Celebration: The Bad Batch Season 2 Trailer

It’s the final day of Star Wars Celebration, and with it comes a trailer for The Bad Batch season 2. The first season premiered on Star Wars Day 2021 and culminated in the destruction of the Kaminoan cloning facilities. This trailer shows a more altruistic Clone Force 99 and what looks to be a...

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More Star Wars Celebration News

It appears I spoke too soon about the Star Wars Celebration announcements the other day. The official Star Wars website has since confirmed more panels and appearances. The latest batch (hehe) of announcements includes a Bad Batch panel, a Mandalorian panel with Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni, and more...

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