REVIEW: The Bad Batch – Season 3, Episode 8, “Bad Territory”

“I remembered you two; you're the clones who ruined one of my scores.”


“Bad Territory” finds Omega waiting to hear from Echo on Pabu. She tells Crosshair she has to help her brothers; Echo and Rex lost most of their men because the Empire was after her. The boys get a call from Phee and inquire about the Empire’s M-count experiments. She knows a little but refers the Batch to Fennec Shand after they mention knowing her. Hunter and Wrecker decide to find her while Omega stays on Pabu watching Crosshair. She convinces him to get his hand looked at, and AZ informs Crosshair that, physically, there’s nothing wrong with his hand. The droid implies that the cause may be psychological. Fennec hires Hunter and Wrecker to help bring in a mark in exchange for information on the M-count experiments. An extended chase ensues, with the Batchers disarming mines and wading through a mysterious river, but Shand eventually captures her target. However, she has no info for the guys but promises to get it and contact them. Back on Pabu, Omega teaches Crosshair about the healing powers of meditation.

Bad Batch Bad Territory

I usually jump right into the meat and bones of a Bad Batch episode, but I think I’ll mix things up this time. The animation and sound design in “Bad Territory” are above average, or at least very noticeably great. The Bad Batch is always really well animated; even the series premiere, “Aftermath,” was almost theater-quality animation. But the scenery, lighting, and particularly the smog effects on Sylar’s planet are just mind-melting in “Bad Territory.” I’m not sure why this is the episode they decided to go crazy on; the plot is very basic Bad Batch formula. They find someone, ask for info, and have to do a job. Omega’s B-plot with Crosshair is more engaging narratively, which is unsurprising since they are two of the show’s best characters. The sunset when they meditate together is also breathtaking. Kevin Kiner is consistently at the top of his game with the music; I don’t know how he does it. The music in the bar is unique and really interesting. I’ve never heard anything like this, and it’s very attention-grabbing. The tune when Omega and Crosshair meditate is lovely, too. He’s a master at capturing different feelings. I do have one gripe with the look of this episode, and it’s the lighting in the chase and fight sequence with Sylar Saris. Specifically, there is none. I don’t know why they keep doing this with action in streaming shows! Disney is particularly bad with this; The Mandalorian and Ahsoka are horrible about lighting in action scenes. It’s a real shame, as everything else in the production design of the episode is outstanding.

Bad Batch Bad Territory

I enjoyed seeing Phee again; I was surprised by how much I ended up liking her character last season. Wanda Sykes is a much better addition to Star Wars animation than I would have guessed. But I do wonder why she isn’t more torn up about Tech. They were developing a romance before his death in season 2, and that was a memorable facet of the season and Tech’s character growth. I understand there has been a time skip, but I would like some semblance of her feelings on the matter. She mentions Tech, and it’s sweet to remember him for his brains, but I would have appreciated a touch of sadness. She was primarily pursuing him, so I’d think she would be a little upset with his passing.

Bad Batch Bad Territory

Omega and Crosshair are a big part of what makes this episode work. I love their relationship, and seeing Omega trying to help her most damaged brother is touching. I was half right about Crosshair’s hand; it still shakes, but AZ determines it is likely psychosomatic. I like the focus on clearing the mind and being calm; Crosshair probably has something akin to PTSD, if not several issues going on. I liked the idea of this being a Parkinson’s-esque disease, but I’m not opposed to him having mental problems instead. I look forward to seeing this play out. Omega’s actions continue to build off of her experiences. She learned meditation on Kashyyyk, which also leads to a fun exchange with Crosshair. The backgrounds and music in these scenes are just lovely, too. I loved Omega’s line about how Crosshair doesn’t like anything, and especially that he agrees. This is funny, but more importantly, it fits with both characters.  

Bad Batch Bad Territory

I don’t hate the Hunter and Wrecker segment of “Bad Territory,” but it’s hardly anything to write home about, either. It’s very par for the course for this show; the mines that Wrecker has to disable even remind me of the perimeter at the Outpost. I like Fennec Shand, mostly because I like Ming Na-Wen. Having her as a Star Wars character, especially such a ruthless, amoral one, is pretty awesome. But I fear she will become overused like Ahsoka. Heck, I’m worried about that with them bringing back Asajj Ventress for this season. Speaking of Ventress, I assumed this would be her episode when Shand recruited Hunter and Wrecker. Now, it seems like this episode will lead to her appearance; I think Asajj is who Fennec contacts at the end to report the Batch questioning the M-count stuff.

Bad Batch Bad Territory

“Bad Territory” is one of the weaker episodes of an incredible season, at least so far. Take that as you will. Visually, I would call this episode a masterpiece. The smog and atmosphere on the new planet are incredibly evocative and immersive. I also found Crosshair and Omega’s subplot on Pabu touching, and I’m loving the progression of their bond. The main story is the usual for this show, and I honestly could have done without another “help someone to get a favor/payout” Batch adventure. “A Different Approach” was similar, but it had more to it, like the tense reunion with Crosshair and his brothers. I do like this episode; it’s better than a filler episode from season 1, and it does tie into the main story of the season. But I look forward to better things ahead.

The Bad Batch – Season 3, Episode 8, "Bad Territory"

Plot - 7
Acting - 10
Progression - 8
Production Design - 9
Animation - 10



“Bad Territory” is one of the weaker episodes of an incredible season, with beautiful visuals but a somewhat rote plot.

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