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REVIEW: Gothix (2023)

The streamer Gothix has been making the rounds lately as the Black Girl Gamers story grows and their practices are discussed. But she’s been around for a while, and she’s had a tumultuous journey since starting her online streaming career. She even has a documentary, titled Gothix, about her evo...

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Halle Bailey and Rachel Zegler Discuss Being Princesses

Halle Bailey and Rachel Zegler were featured on Variety’s latest episode of the Actors on Actors series. As the two Disney Princesses bonded over their relatively newfound fame, discussions of online hate and mutual support came up. Check out Bailey’s Tweet supporting Zegler here: And read e...

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Disney+ Reduced to $1.99 for Three Months

Amid the battle between Disney and Charter Cable, Disney has elected to lower the price of the Disney+ streaming service’s ad tier to $1.99 a month. This is a notable cut down from the previous $7.99, but the deal only lasts until September 20th. Subscribers will receive the promotional price for...

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Little Mermaid Remake Artist Sues Producers

74-year-old model builder Christine Overs is suing Sandcastle Pictures, Disney’s production company behind the Little Mermaid remake. Overs worked on the beach scenes for the film, and Sandcastle’s negligence led to her falling on a makeshift step while working in 2020. Overs’ la...

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Alan Menken, Rob Marshall Talk Prince Eric Changes

CinemaBlend recently interviewed composer Alan Menken and director Rob Marshall about Prince Eric’s updated personality in the live-action remake of The Little Mermaid. Check out Marshall’s statement here: “Eric had nothing. I mean, such a simple sort of wooden character from the o...

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REVIEW: The Little Mermaid (2023)

When I heard that Disney was remaking The Little Mermaid, I felt a familiar mixture of dread and tepid hopefulness. The Little Mermaid isn’t my favorite Disney movie, but it’s an undisputed classic that saved the animation studio at a crucial juncture in its storied history. And I do ...

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