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TRAILER: Arcane Season 2 (2024)

Today, Netflix dropped the first full trailer for Arcane season 2. This follows a couple of short teasers and news that GKids will release season 1 for purchase. The trailer also informs us that this will be the final season, but that doesn’t mean League of Legends is done with Netflix. Check it o...

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GKids to Distribute Arcane Season 1 on Home Video

Today, GKids announced via Twitter that they have procured distribution rights to Arcane season 1. GKids is known for bringing anime and other hard-to-find animation to theaters and home video. Last year, they shepherded Hayao Miyazaki’s The Boy and the Heron to American cinemas. Arcane is an alre...

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REVIEW: The Acolyte – Season 1, Episodes 1 and 2, “Lost/Found” and “Revenge/Justice”

Well, The Acolyte is finally here. Star Wars fans have been anticipating this series for all the wrong reasons, from its showrunner’s dubious past working with Harvey Weinstein to bad PR to downright confusing dialogue in the trailers. Despite Lucasfilm’s best(?) efforts, I don’t think anyon...

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Arcane Season 2 Poster Shows Sisterly Love

Today, a poster for season 2 of the Netflix animated sci-fi series Arcane was released on social media. Back in 2021, Riot Games and the French studio Fortiche released season 1 of the League of Legends adaptation to rave reviews from fans and newbies (like myself) alike. It took six years to create...

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Sigourney Weaver Starring in Mandalorian Movie?

Hollywood scoop master Jeff Sneider reports that Sigourney Weaver is in talks to join The Mandalorian and Grogu, the atrociously-titled film spinoff of Disney+’s most successful title. The Hollywood Reporter later confirmed the news. The movie is directed by Mandalorian creator Jon Favreau, with ...

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The Acolyte Clip “Conflict” is a Rehash

Today, the official Star Wars YouTube channel dropped one of their now never-ending stream of 30-second clips, this one for The Acolyte. Does this means of marketing their shows annoy anyone else? I don’t need a 30-second non-trailer twice a week. Anyway, this one is just reused material from the ...

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