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RUMOR: Star Wars Visions Volume 3 Already In Production?

Industry insider Jeff Sneider reports that Star Wars Visions Volume 3 is already in the works. Check out Sneider’s Tweet here:  If true, this is hardly shocking news, but good nonetheless. I was skeptical when Visions was announced and again when they pivoted from anime to a more global appr...

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REVIEW: Star Wars Visions Volume 2 (2023)

May the fourth brought the release of two new animated Star Wars projects in Visions Volume 2 and Young Jedi Adventures. I have no interest in the latter personally, but I really enjoyed some episodes of Visions Volume 1. Serving as a sampler for different Japanese studios and styles of anime, ...

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Dave Filoni Says Canon Doesn’t Matter?

Dave Filoni recently sat down with ScreenRant and made some comments about Star Wars and its canon. My interest lies mainly in how his perspective on the matter has been interpreted, or perhaps misinterpreted. Here’s a quote from the interview: “People get into all these debates of what̵...

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Star Wars Visions Volume 2 Release Date Revealed

Today, Star Wars took to social media to announce the official release date for Visions Volume 2. Volume 1 was an anthology comprised of nine short films from various renowned Japanese animation studios. Volume 2 is taking this concept a step further, going global with studios from around the worl...

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Studio Ghibli Announces Collaboration With Lucasfilm

Today, Studio Ghibli released a short video announcing a joint project with Lucasfilm. At this point, nothing else is known, but fans speculate whether it could involve Visions season 2. Check out the announcement video here: Well, you can color me pleasantly surprised! I didn’t expect this ...

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Star Wars Visions Season 2: From Anime Sampler to World Tour

Star Wars Visions executive producer James Waugh recently discussed season 2 with Deadline. Specifically, the topic turned towards the more diverse art style of season 2’s installments. While each episode in season 1 had a unique look created by anime studios, season 2 will switch it up even more ...

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