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Dana Terrace Talks Owl House

Today, local Connecticut publication CT Insider released an interview with Owl House creator Dana Terrace. Terrace herself is from Connecticut, and Luz’s hometown of Gravesfield is in Connecticut, based on Terrace’s upbringing. In the conversation, Terrace discusses how her teen years i...

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REVIEW: The Owl House Season 3, Episode 1, “Thanks to Them”

This Saturday saw the release of “Thanks to Them,” the first of the three specials comprising season 3 of The Owl House. The creative team behind this show has a lot to wrap up in approximately two hours, but I think they can do it. This episode is Halloween-themed, which seems appropri...

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REVIEW: Hocus Pocus 2 (2022)

This Friday saw the release of the much-anticipated Hocus Pocus 2. The 1993 original has become a Halloween staple for families and single millennials alike. For some background, I never liked Hocus Pocus. I can’t remember if I saw it when I was little, but every time I’ve seen it since...

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Hogwarts Legacy Trailer and Synopsis Revealed

Hogwarts Legacy, the new Wizarding World video game, has finally provided fans with more information on the game. PlayStation State of Play has all the answers, except a release date. The graphics look incredible, and it seems that you can make your character look any way you want, so long as it is ...

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REVIEW: American Horror Story – Season 8, Episode 10 “Apocalypse Then”

*Spoilers* In “Apocalypse Then,” Myrtle arrives at Mutt and Jeff’s headquarters to meet them. Ms. Venable tries to stop her because she doesn’t have an appointment, but Myrtle works her magic to get past her. She does a similar trick on Mutt and Jeff, telling them to sell spots in Ou...

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REVIEW: American Horror Story – Season 8, Episode 9, “Fire and Reign”

*Spoilers* “Fire and Reign” begins with robot builders Jeff and Mutt arguing about Michael and his effectiveness as the Antichrist. Ms. Venable steps in to remind them of the Cooperative meeting and asks what it’s about. They tell her that it’s not her domain, provoking a rant from V...

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