Taika Waititi Says Marvel and Chris Hemsworth in Talks for Thor 5

Marvel is looking to the gods to save them. In an interview with Inverse, Taika Waititi confirms that a fifth Thor film is being planned, or at least discussed. He says he’s “heard” that Marvel is talking to Chris Hemsworth to come back for another film as the God of Thunder, although Waititi himself is not going to return, saying he “needed a break from that.” He later backtracks a bit, saying that he may want to direct another Thor film at some point: “It’s just about when I would be able to fit that in.” There have been rumors of Marvel wanting to get another Thor movie off the ground since summer, with Waititi’s involvement being up in the air.

After the huge embarrassment that The Marvels turned into, I wouldn’t be surprised if Marvel wants to jump-start any surefire hit it has in its stable. There are talks about the beleaguered studio looking to bring back the original Avengers for another movie, even the ones who died, like Iron Man and Black Widow. But Thor is still alive, and although Waititi’s films turned him into a parody of himself, he can conceivably still do some cool Thunder God stuff – unlike, say, the Hulk, who’s been turned into an obnoxious hippie who doesn’t like to fight. The Hulk can easily be fixed by even a middling writer (okay, maybe that’s not so easy for Marvel), but Thor is basically ready to go, especially if Waititi is not returning. And I’m glad that’s the case; I don’t care for Ragnarok, I hated Love and Thunder, and I don’t think Waititi’s sensibilities are a good fit for Thor. But I would love to see him in a good movie again, assuming Marvel remembers how to make those at some point. It would also be poetic justice to watch the stupid stuff Waititi set up get discarded by another director, just like he did to Loki conquering Asgard and Thor joining the Guardians of the Galaxy.

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