That Park Place Responds to Black Girl Gamers’ Cease and Desist Letter

Remember when Black Girl Gamers threatened legal action against The Park Place over its reporting of their hiring practices? They followed through, sending a cease and desist letter through their legal representatives, Morris, Currin & O’Keefe, P.C. You can see a breakdown of their demands in this video. That Park Place and its editor-in-chief, John F. Trent, who is named in the letter, hired the Dhillon Law Group to represent them, with noted and respected attorney Ron Coleman acting as their lawyer. Coleman and the Dhillon Law Group sent a letter in response to Black Girl Gamers’ demands, and you can see it below in an X post from That Park Place:

That gets right to the point, huh? I’m not a legal expert (although I’ve seen every episode of Boston Legal several times), but most of what I’ve seen since Black Girl Gamers announced they would seek legal counsel has said the notion of suing That Park Place was likely meritless. The response from the Dhillon Law Group suggests that is correct because they’re dismissing Black Girl Gamers’ demands and “consider the matter closed.” And in the video, Coleman makes clear that no lawsuit has been filed, and he doesn’t believe one will be in the future. He also methodically responds to each demand and claim, talking about how difficult it is to prove some of these things, and even breaks down why the lawyers worded it the way they did; he also talks about his and That Park Place’s options and why they went with… well, I’ll just call it “Option Number Three” and let you find out in the video. (I kind of wish they went with Option Number Two, but again, I’m not a lawyer, just a Denny Crane fan.) It’s well worth watching, especially if legal matters interest you – or if you didn’t know that Ron Coleman represented Libs of TikTok, which I didn’t until just now. But I think Grummz, the X handle of former Blizzard producer and current woke consulting firm scourge Mark Kern, may have summed up the response most succinctly, and I think that because Mr. Coleman shared his X post:

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