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    Check out what I irresponsible bought recently from Toys R Us


    Now I am gonna try to call the Dragonzord to chase some SJWs lol 😂😀



      I have the Bandai version, the Legacy Edition Dragon Dagger. It looks boss. But it’s MIB, I don’t plan to open it.

      Honestly, from what I am seeing, the Hasbro figures are nicer, but the Zords look like absolute shit.  Bandai made better Zords.
      The original Mega Zord figure is way better than the rereleases, ignoring the Soul of Chogokin version. Which I want. Which has the wrong color hands. Which bugs me. Alot.



      @shrap @Captain_Cronos

      You guys think Hasbro will make a Hasbro Dragonzord like they made a Hasbro Megazord which I got, cause I need a Dragonzord badly for my Power Rangers Toy collection and with what is going on in the world now with a certain country that makes cheap things for Walmart and their Disney Yellow Bear…..I wonder where Hasbro will manufacture their stuff now including the Dragonzord to avoid using slave labor?

      Cause I want my own Dragonzord but I don’t want it to be made with slave labour if that is even possible?


        I don’t know. I am guessing yes, since Green/White Ranger (Tommy) is THE Most popular character in the entire franchise.

        The way I am feeling right now, I want Hasbro, Mattel, Disney, Neca, Super7… All of them to get a severe case of Chapter 11.

        But even when I calm down, FUCK Disney. Fuck those people. With the business end of a large rusty rake.


        My collection is limited to the Green Ranger at the moment. All my original merch got sold/lost years ago. I wish I still had the morpher… I really wanted to clean it up, buy a Dragon coin and convert it to the Green Rangers for a while there. I found after market repro labels to concert it from Power Rangers to Super Sentai too. The west is so dumb they sold the morpher and put the stickers on it upside down. The toy is 180 degrees off from the prop. Absolute geniuses.

        I don’t care for the Hasbro stuff at all. But I do kinda want to get a Green Ranger helmet, which I bet they will do since they already made Red and White. I was gonna buy the Bandai Green Helmet but when I went back to get it, it was sold out. I do not like the Power Rangers helmets, though, because they use tool box hardware to close them. The original Japanese Super Sentai helmets didn’t have those stupid clasps. They look so much cleaner.



        I’m not a good source when it comes to toys. Haven’t been interested in any since I was 12 (or maybe a year or two earlier).


        Check it out…Power Rangers sneakers….if I get the money I am gonna by a pair


        Meanwhile, in Japan, they really want that adaptation money:

        super zenkaiger twokaiser


        Since it’s now day two of what Ranger fans consider #PowerRangersMonth…I’m actually doing a list of 28 things related to Power Rangers.  Why 28? I have 3 reasons. 1.) 8-28 is National Power Rangers Day, 2.) 8-28 is also the day that MMPR first aired in America, and finally 3.) It happens to be my birthday on that very day.  That being said, I already mentioned my favorite villain from the Saban Era: Astronema taking top spot.  For day 2, on the Disney Era, it’s a toss up between Mesogog and Jared but I ultimately went with Mesogog with regards to the fact that not only is he less brute force and more mental strategy and cunning, but his reason for targeting Earth is…very basic.  Despite being nothing more than a freak accident, he also embodies a better take on dual personality (like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde). Tomorrow, I’ll mention my favorite Red Rangers from both eras, and then continue on from the color spectrum (and one topic will be involving turncoat characters).



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