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    I believe intent is important and I don’t believe it was Snyder’s intent to slander G+G and I was still surprised he ever agreed to do the stream in the first place or didn’t pull out after the Disney funded hit piece. I think he was trying to cover his ass from the cancel mob and liberal fanatics at Warner but he did it a bit clumsily. The fact he even went and risked doing it is really cool in my book. I know other people in the community are probably going to disagree but that is what I believe happened. Its just a shame how the whole thing derailed over some dumb Hollywood formality. Anyways, I don’t think it was malicious intent just a PR kerfuffle along with SJWs spreading lies that are easy to disprove to people who are willing to find the truth and I think Jeremy has been doing that by showing off his amazing team! Zack is still one of my favorite Directors of all time with 300 and Watchman and Dawn of The Dead remake. I would hate to see the community turn on him over this blunder even if that blunder reinforced harmful narratives that are easily disproven. Intent is important and its something SJW’s never care about. They never care if someone’s intent is only what their preserved crimes are.  Zack by going on the stream at complete risk to himself shows he’s not like other Hollywood people who would never go on a stream like this.


      I don’t think anyone should turn on Zach or anyone else.  But, to paraphrase Young Rippa. What he did was some bitch ass shit to pull in a charity stream.  I know someone who attempted suicide.  And, was glad to show up and donate.  Also, was shocked Zach actually showed up.  I still love 300 and Watchman.  But, can’t respect someone who killed a charity stream that directly affects them personally.


      He singled out G+G, I don’t hate Zach or anything, but it’s hard for me to be enthused about his work given how spineless of a move he pulled (regardless if lawyers and such forced him).


      The follow up stream, Jeremy and the G&G crew explained what was happening in the background, leading up to that stream with Zack on it.

      Without going into the details, I believe Zack has been backed into a corner by the misinformation and had to say things at the start of the stream.

      And as Novva said, the choice of words might not have been the best.

      Either way, the cause/fundraising should have been at the forefront.

      It is a shame it did not turn out as most wanted.


      I expected something like this.  An opportunity was missed.  The next step is to ask Snyder for a clarification.  If Snyder says he was misinterpreted and not talking about G+G, that’s huge. Email to Jeremy Geeks + Gamers - 3-18-21


      Jeremy was nothing but a pure hearted giver to charity. You’d think Snyder would have simply returned the money. First video is Shane Davis and his Asian wife who do great streams on the industry.   That money  would’ve been better spent on an indie director making some kind of anti-suicide superhero movie or something. Anyway, this is still shocking, but it is typical. The people pulling his strings will always attack and subvert the public. China would never put up with this, by the way. Snyder would never slander the Chinese public after some esoteric, unrelated event.





      B Carswell

      Regardless of your point………. or views………. he took away from the Donations…. 25k in first hour…. 3k in 2nd hour. yikes


      The issue I have with Snyder is that G+G was removed as a sponsor from the auction site which I heard Uche mentioned in the stream. A life lesson learned by G+G that you will need a lawyer whenever you’re dealing with any Hollywood types no matter how well meaning an event is.





      The Good News



        Hats off to Uche, Ryan, Lethal and Jeremy for putting together this charity stream!!! You guys all did a fantastic job and have so much to be proud of.
        I know how much it sucks when something you’re so excited for gets turned sour by a few unfortunate words, and it will hurt for a bit, but it will pass.
        Unless Zack directly addresses the incident, or messages you each personally, we’ll never know the true intentions of his words.
        He seems like the kind of guy that you give the benefit of the doubt to, seeing as how he was willing to stick it out with G+G, despite clear pressure from the powers that be.
        And I think it’s just that, there was obviously some back and forth going on behind the scenes, that Uche alluded to, and it was far more complex for Zack then a simple appearance on a stream. He tried to address it as politely as possible, but I think stumbled on his words. He is human, we all are.
        For better or worse, you guys have made a name for yourselves by daring to be bold and outspoken, and because of that, these sorts of things are bound to happen, particularly the bigger you get.
        Chin up guys, the Snyder-Cut is here, Snyder himself appeared on YOUR stream and you raised a tonne of money for a great cause.
        I have a feeling some months from now we’ll all look back on that stream and have a laugh over everything that went down.
        Love what you guys do, keep up the great work and keep building this great community.


        Just sucks to have seen the name of Geeks and Gamers put in the mud like that in their own live stream by Zack himself, its not fair after setting up such an amazing stream for a great cause. Thankfully anyone who REALLY knows G+G, knows its not a hate group and is proud of the amount they raised for such a good cause


          Thank you all for sticking behind G+G last night.


          To be honest, after hearing everyone’s side of the story, I wish Zach would jump into streams more often. We could have him beat Jeremy at Mario Kart, having Fortnite philosophical discussion with Drunk3P0, making game reviews with MarcTheCyborg, etc.

          Fact of the matter, we all mess up sometimes, but we as a community need to demonstrate that we are above cheap drama.


          The autists in the room are very calm about being characterized as a bunch of terrorist who target Asians with their hate videos by someone who lacked the balls to explicitly claim what he strongly implied.

          Zack is a POS.

          Having said that, everyone should move on, and not ride anyone too hard. I agree with Rippa and EVS but my sympathies go out to Uche who is catching flack. Let everyone ride this one out, and be smarter next time.


          One thing people have not talked about is how Hollywood (and the shill media) hate the fans.

          So the fan calls for the Snyder cut, they have been yelling loudly NOT to do.

          It sets a big precedence that it is the FANS who decide if something is successful for not – profitable or not, etc.


          So having Hollywood (and the shill media) try to divide the fans, turning them OFF of these FAN initiatives…

          … you fell right into the trap! IMO.


          They want to dictate the terms.

          They cannot accept others don’t like their message/agenda/products/etc.


          How much of Snyder’s original comments were because of higher-ups, and were badly worded because of the pressure and of “current events” that hit home on him, etc. only he knows.  I am not trying to make excuses for what was said/how it was said, but everyone is a human being.


          Watching how everyone was CRUSHED by it, is tough.

          What was to be a great day, great event, and having the bubble burst so abruptly, was cruel.


          Don’t let the haters hate get to you.

          Don’t let them have the satisfaction they were able to HURT decent people, offering their time and money for a worthy cause.

          Don’t dwell on the bad, but the good that was accomplished.


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