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    I was watching this guy on youtube, 3 Buck Theater, and he made a reaction to the G&G community stream from Wednesday night. He attacked the term of slander being used and stating that it didn’t fit the definition of what happened. This man also used both of Zach’s comments separately, which negates how any normal person would interpret them. I feel Jeremy should take the opportunity to defend himself and what the community stands for.


    People give a fuck what Muck Jumbo thinks? Who knew.






    Was just watcing that. Like I said Jeramy did everything he could.

    WARNER are the enemy.


    I was watching the Midnight Edge live stream today. That variety article basically revealed who the true enemy is.

    I’m willing to forgive Zack’s comments because he did defend us back in February.

    The unfortunate thing is that we might have to go to bat for the Snyder cut because that might be the only way to get ATT’s attention in the long run.


    I also watch parts of MEAD’s stream this morning, and them MR.H Reviews.

    My impression:

    Just like how KK’s Lucasfilm wants a section of their own corporation to fail, so too does those within Warner Bros.


    Anyone who wants their own company to fail (and actively tries to do so), should be fired!

    Trying to sabotage a business should have consequences.


    I don’t know if Zack will ever make a statement of clarification, or if due to confidential agreements, if he is even allowed to.

    Only time will tell.


    I don’t think Zack can make a statement as long as he is financially tied to Warner.

    My suggestion might be unpopular right now, but to mass stream Snyder cut. Warner is banking on this movie to fizzle out because of the controversy.

    They showed their cards with that ill advised interview. If we make it into a cult phenomenon, ATT might take notice. ATT is the reason we got the Snyder Cut in the first place. We wouldn’t be doing this for Snyder, but it would be a nice middle finger to Warner for ignoring us.

    This might be a battle we can win right now.

    BTW, we do need knew IP’s to support also. I’m just looking at how Warner is moving right now.


    This video right here is why I will always support Jeremy 100% until the very end.


    He acknowledged the screw up, he took responsibility, he accepted the blame, he learned from it and is moving forward. To me, that’s leadership.


    Thank you for everything you do, Jeremy. Keep on keepin’ on.


    Just out of curiosity, do you ever wonder how many people who have worked for Warner have committed suicide?

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    It was a shitty situation after learning about all the behind the scenes stuff ZS was in a tight spot and definitely said his words badly. I don’t think he meant to intentionally label us as a hate group but that’s just my view. I know other’s feel differently and that’s cool, I think one thing we can all agree on is some clarification would be nice. But I don’t think it’s coming although I hope for all the fans who were insulted it does. With the stigma of all the smear campaigns going on from that RR cunts I bet WB has probably told him not to clarify because it adds to the narrative that we are all alt-right racist white people. WB is the real demon here, ZS is a dick but the real enemy is WB.

    One thing we can learn from this situation is probably not bringing Hollywood folks on and if something is said try to clarify right there on the spot.

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