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    I watched both the Charity stream from the beginning & the G&G follow up from near the beginning. I think I mised the 1st 10 of that as the other was finishing up.

    What ZS said came off as LEGAL-SPEAK written by some cocksucker from WARNER who didnt want ZS enteracting with us plebs in the first place. Learning later of the ‘Green Lantern’ incident during the original filming further confirms this. WARNER never wanted ZS working on the film at all. They wanted to kill it before it was even started. They would have killed it last night without a doubt if ZS came on the stream and didnt say their words. I want to watch the film; but I wont give WARNER any cash to do so.


    WARNER is the enemy not ZS. The rat is the enemy. CW is the enemy. Keep up the pressure.

    Long live the Fandom Menace. https://youtu.be/6H_w-ZxWGZA



    @MrDragonBan Was hoping ATNT had got rid of the anti Snyder faction. They really need to start asserting more control if Warner ever wants to compete with Disney especially with all the bad PR surrounding them over Star Wars.


      Would someone mind enlightening us as to what the “anti-asian hate” is from? I have no idea what this is all about. I was utterly confused at all the context for this watching the live stream and all the fallout from it. All the sudden everyone was talking about asian hate etc, and I have no idea what it’s all coming from.

      I really am tired of all the forced division we have, which imo is propagated by our government and the media. Everyday you wake up and it’s some new social drama on twitter or virtue signaling from some celebrity.


      I thought EVS, YoungRippa, Ryan, and Gary Buechler were magnificent. I totally agree with EVS and YoungRippa on the Comic Artist Pro stream afterwards. My admiration for EVS and Rippa got higher, and for Jeremy, a lot lower. I wouldn’t donate to Geeks and Gamers or support G+G in any way financially even for a few cents, even though I agree with Jeremy on a lot of things, (including GOAT Tom Brady. I love Brady but stopped watching NFL and MLB last year after 30+ years).

      EVS nailed it on his show and Jeremy took offence.  To me he looked a hypocrite. He let one of those Hollywood weirdos get close and got stabbed. It wasn’t just G+G he was attacking, but all us racist fans who are of course responsible for all the racist crimes.  I am unsubscribing to G+G websites,  but not things like Nerdrotic, even though they are connected. I will watch an occasional Ryan stream, but since I am not now watching American sports, it’s rather pointless. This is my fourth and last post on here too. EVS and Rippa are right. This is a war, and Jeremy let someone from the other side walk in and brand us all racists. Then he tried to defend letting him do it without any resistance. Spot on EVS.


      @DarthVengeant  There was a shooting at a message parlor in Atlanta

      Suspect in Atlanta spa shootings that left 6 Asian women dead charged with murder

      A man suspected of fatally shooting eight people, the majority of whom were Asian American, at three different Atlanta massage parlours Tuesday evening has been charged with murder and assault.


      In total, six of the people killed as a result of the shootings were Asian and two were white. All but one were women.




        Thank you.

        I read the article. So, as usual, ONE person does something and now it is all the sudden a epidemic and media hysteria affecting the “asian community”. Got it. Furthermore, why is race always a factor in everything like this…..unless they are white? The guy had a sex addiction, the fact that many of the people were asian is utterly irrelevant to what he did. Even the article says that essentially. But, the media sure will make you think it was more than it was….

        As a person who loves asian culture, I am currently learning japanese, I don’t see where the “hate” they claim is coming from. Everywhere I see in my daily life people love asian culture. Anime is everywhere, even more so since COVID locked everyone inside! The food, is everywhere.

        When a very few people do or say something bad, why is it made out to be that is is way more than it is? There are bad people in every facet of life. And now we have another mass virtue signaling going on yet again. I see Capcom posted a statement today….”sigh”. Here we go again…..


        I am curious what you think Jeremy should do? He has posted TWO video’s now about the incident. You say not to support G&G all the sudden because you think Jeremy is doing nothing? What the heck should he do?

        If you watched the later live stream, there was a LOT of things going on behind the scenes with Zach. Zach was in a difficult spot, in a difficult time. Sure, he made a bad choice by walking in and making a statement that was partly based on misinformation. I see Jeremy as having some compassion and forgiveness about this, because of what my previous sentence says, and I fail to see how that is a bad thing. The stream was supposed to be about CHARITY, not drama.

        • This reply was modified 3 years, 2 months ago by DarthVengeant.

          So because a shooting of at least 6 people happened, Zach and Hollywood clearly felt the need to talk about Hate and Race yet again….You cannot stop hate it has been with us forever and will be with us forever.

          I raised my kids this way: There is only one race, creed and color in this country “American” Color of skin, parents or 14 times great grandparents place of origin does not matter, religion or no religion, political leanings or nonleaning does not matter. What matters is when you meat someone you treat them the exact same way each and every time. Let the person by their actions and words define to you, if they are the kind of person you should associate with or not!

          I watched many of the streamers and youtubers of G&G for a long time before subing to their channels, There is no Hate here, I have seen hate up close and personal. You can say many things about G&G but hate is not one, racism is not one… Hell you want to say something here try this.

          If Jeremy ever got invited to the White House it would take them 6 Presidential terms to find everything he slapped a G&G Brand sticker on. The more and more I think about this event the more I keep coming to the same conclusion. Zach needs to be confronted either in an interview or live and clarify what he said… If he doesnt then that tells me what he said he meant the way we took and it was a shot at G&G directly and the Fandom.


          @DarthVengeant  The shill media/leftists want to divide and conquer.

          To them, everything is about race, gender, oppression, victimhood, etc.

          So if they can divide the fanbase (like they tried to do on the charity stream), shows you how shallow they are.


          Jeremy commended his people about not being goated into making a scene and playing into their hands.



            Well said. When I see people in life, skin color is irrelevant to me. Race is irrelevant. I treat people as people. I respond based on their attitude and respectfulness. And this current “asian drama”. You know, America could learn a thing or two from Japanese culture. They are clean people. Respect is part of their language. They literally have different ways of speaking based on it. And, you don’t’ see much obesity in Japan. I work in health care and I can tell you, obesity is a huge problem in America!


            The media is where to real problem in our society lays imo. They have created most all these problems, hand in hand with the opportunists in government of course. And, right now they are being operationist galore. Before Obama became president thing’s really weren’t that bad racially in the USA. He came in an instigated racial divide, as did his wife. Continually pushing the race narrative. Trump said some things that were worded wrong, but he was never a racist or hateful. The media continually twisted his words or just flat out lied about him. Now we are here. A country so divided people can’t see passed what t he media has fed them as truth. And this is coming from both sides. SIDES is the problem. America is not a SIDE, it is a PEOPLE. WE THE PEOPLE. Not we the minority, not we the LGBTQXYZ, not we the democrats, not we the republicans. Stop dividing each and every single thing into race or groups. I am so utterly tired of the “group or heard” mentality right now, it’s nauseating.

            I don’t really socialize, even dating sites are completely over-run by this agenda driven hogwash. Sure, I would love to date, but with this modern mind set, I don’t want the drama. I don’t want to go out on a date only to get “cancelled” or harassed after the girl I go out on a date with finds out I voted for Trump. Because, I am going to be upfront about who and what I am right out of the gate. I have watched the mind sets of people go from ok, to utterly lunacy and idiocy in just a few years.

            • This reply was modified 3 years, 2 months ago by DarthVengeant.

            Watching the recording of the incident, I will say it sounds like something that was sprung on him that he was required to say. His words seamed to be unrehearsed, and he was groping for a way to say it in his own words. I belive it was a “you will say this or you won’t see your movie released” or “you say this or you won’t work in this town again” type thing.


            The emrald knight post above me is nearly a word for word response that Uche dropped during the aftereffect livestream.

            I also agree with this statement. ZS was forced into saying that shit over an incident that the Fandom Menace has no connection with.


            @MrDragonbane The it really all boils down to a misunderstanding and it was more about the shooting then anything else. Yet I suspect most of our community will be fighting about this for a while. I got what I wanted from the Snyder Cut so hopefully we all just move on.


            For me it’s about respect and professionalism. It is what it is.

            You don’t want G+G associated? Fine, then say it in the beginning when people are still organizing the event. Don’t hype us up during 2 weeks, using G+G community for donations and for views and then when the time comes: “Yo G+G fuck you racists pieces of shit”

            The stream video has no G+G mentions, no Ryan or Lethal or the 2 girls channels links, nothing. It’s like they weren’t even there.  They pulled the g+g logo from the charity website. All that is disrespectful af if you ask me.

            Fuck that. The event should’ve been better organized to avoid this kind of shit. People are free to choose their allies/friends. But using them and then throwing them under the bus? lol c’mon, grow a pair.

            Someone just needed to say something like this: “yeah zach you’re obviously not associated with G+G but I am, they helped with the charity donations so leaving their logo in the donations page is fair, and they’re not a hate group, just to clear that up, lets move on, so whats up with the movie”. But well… what is done is done. Choose your allies wisely.

            In this day and age (2015 – 2021) Hollywood are afraid of us, they want to silence us, because we demand quality work and not woke political work. Right now they don’t have enough capacity to produce quality work, so they just do woke stuff that is perfect for them because they are a bunch of lazy fucks (with some exceptions).

            People gotta learn to demand being respected, don’t matter if the person in front of you has more money than you, you should respect and be respected, specially if you’re in your habitat and doing a good job. But I guess this comes with age and experience.


            Having said all that, the cause was the most important thing of the night and I believe more people are aware that we can help prevent suicide.


            The TRUTH About Zack Snyder: Hollywood Elitist Who Cribs Ideas!!
            Talking & Drawing with Shane Davis

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