Attack on Titan Final Season (no Manga spoilers)

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    How crazy was the end of episode 4?

    I’m thinking we might be seeing a Reiner redemption arc!


    Haven’t watched the new anime yet but I’ve been reading the manga for a few years – I won’t spoil anything but you can expect some real crazy twists and turns down the road.

    This final stretch of the story is some of the best content, imo. It’s more like a seinen manga than a shounen at certain parts.


    I gave up on AoT manga over a year ago, because it really went off the rails as far as I’m concerned. I stopped liking any of the characters, and it really stopped being fun. Everything about it felt massively convoluted and the connective tissue for why anyone was doing anything became stretched so thin I had a hard time believing any of it.


    Xray Girl and I are looking forward to it!

    The anime is decent throughout, but the end of season 2 and second half of season 3 are masterpiece tier


    levi was best character in it , ruthless and cold

    new season i am still on the fence about, introducing a big batch of new characters but cool how it looks into the past of the titans we have seen through the show “haven’t read the manga” the fight in the first episode was cool with all the titans we never really seen in the previous seasons

    didn’t realise who that chap was with the eye patch until said the name at the end, as i completely lost track of the timeline because it went back and forward a fair few times

    did anyone see the live-action movies? it is a different storyline from this from memory


    I like the new characters and I think they are functioning well as a way to recontextualize Reiner.

    Gabbi is his cousin and he doesn’t want to see her inherit the Armour because of the curse of Ymir (Titan shifters die 13 years after they inherent their Titan). Falco clearly loves Gabbi and Reiner sees himself in him; and now with Eren in the mix, Reiner may have to decide if he wants to remain loyal to Marley, or help Eren end the conflict, in hopes that it might save both Gabbi and Falco.

    I could be wrong and there’s ZERO chance anything will go smoothly – but I think the Tygur family (and whichever one has the War Hammer Titan)  is shaping up to be the big bad, with Porco Galliard and Zeke Jaegar being the main enforcers for Marley – up against Eren and the rest of the Paradis crew, Reiner and Falco.

    I just hope they either stick the landing on the show, or end it on a reasonable cliff hanger and finish it off with a movie.


    Oh, I started reading manga after the first season, just couldn’t wait. :D I still watch anime because its WAY better animated, voiced and stuff. I havent started “final season”, I wait for a couple more episodes to watch in a bulk, but yea, some good stuff is coming. AoT is very well written and subverts expectations the right way. ;) I havent felt same suspense since “Death Note” or Naoki Urasawa’s “Monster”.

    Although its called “Final Season”, I guess there is gonna be a part 2 which gonna air much later, because the first season of 25 episodes covers 8 volumes manga and right now anime still needs to cover more than 8 volumes, so be prepared for that. :) Or they can screw everything up and rush the ending…

    There is actually some spin offs like light novels which they could have adapted between main airing anime. The “Before the Fall” light novels and manga adaptation (I havent read the manga, its covers 2nd novel) are actually quite good. They tell how the vertical maneuvering equipment was made.


    I’ve head that this season won’t cover the end of the Manga, but they haven’t confirmed if they’re going to be doing a movie to finish things off, or a “season 4 part 2” the way they did with season 3.

    I just hope they stick the landing, because they’re in a great spot from a setup standpoint


    I’ve seen the Attack on Titan Final Season and oh boy, it increased my love for Attack on Titan to a Maximum Level.


    Declaration of War was a God tier episode!!


    Lethal Lightning, Xray Girl and I will now be doing a regular podcast breaking down the new episodes and sharing our thoughts!

    The premier will be on my channel tonight at 7pm est, and following that, it will be mondays at 7pm est (assuming there was an episode the day before). Come hang out and offer your thoughts in the chat!



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    Will it be at 60 fps…? I mean I will have to watch it recorded later in most cases. A bit late for my timezone, but its alright.


    Sadly, the stream is peasant tier framerate and unacceptable for gaming


    Agreed its been boring and season 4 episode 1 made no sense


    episode 6 season 4 was dank

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