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      Coming to THEATERS in july 🍿

      I don’t care how many times this gets postponed, i want to see it in the cinema!


        It is going to be interesting having Both Widows in it together.

        I hope it is good, and just tells a good story.


        This and Doctor Strange 2 are the only post-Endgame MCU films I’m interested in. The rest will have to look REALLY good for me to watch them. (No I’m NOT watching what will be their horrible watered-down take on the X-Men and Blade (which- from what I’ve heard- they’re going to do as PG-13🤬)).


        This film should have been filmed & released between civil war & infinity war.

        Now the character is dead on screen and I no longer care.



        This movie is a decade late.

        The MCU had a strong female character, and now the M-she-U has the most disliked and annoying captain marvel.

        They need something to get the paying customers to continue to pay big buck$…

        …as we have seen with Disney owned Lucasfilms and now Marvel Studios, they are going full blown agenda film making.

        Sadly, this movie is too little too late for me.


        Marvel makes good movies. Marvel makes good cinematic products. I think it will be good, but it all depends on what regulations are around theaters. I may never go again if  the experience is a hassle.




          I have not gone in years. Why invest the money for a Sony 85″ 4k then drop the money for the Sony surround sound and not use it?
          Plus at home:
          No kids crying
          No one on cell phones
          No one getting up to walk past me
          I can pause if i have to get up
          I can watch it when I want
          Popcorn is 10 cents and I can drink alcohol
          OMG I can list so many reason to not go….

          Kicker if you sail the right sea you can have damn near if not same quality in the movie theater within 6 hours of opening and now with direct to cable within 2 hours or less.

          I keep hearing youtubers say “Theaters are Dead” I think they need to stop and think about it, sooner or later people will all start sailing the seas and then Production Companies will need to go back to the Theaters or GO BROKE… But those lads and lasses Who took to the Seas will already know they can wait a few hours and have it, this will lead to the Studios getting away from the WOKE audience to try to bring back fans to save their woke ass’s. Interesting times ahead.


          I think I would’ve rather seen this movie take place before Iron Man 2 serving as an origin story for Black Widow, rather than between Civil War and Infinity War as a side story. I’m just not very hyped for much of the MCU’s upcoming slate (except for a few things)



          The no crying kids thing is what’s putting me off from watching anything that’s a 12a (UK equivalent of PG-13). When I watched ‘Jurassic World’ the first time there were a couple of kids who kept going up and down the stairs to go to the loo every ten minutes during the film. My local cinema is usually not too bad but there’ve been a few times like that in which it’s annoying. That’s why when we go now, we see the 8pm showings. Less likely to be kids disrupting the film. It’s not kids I have a problem with but parents who can’t seem to keep them still during 2hr long films.


          I remember when back in the day people had to be really quiet in the theaters / cinemas otherwise staff would come in right away and shut them up or tell them to leave. But now it’s a jungle, no one respects the staff and the staff is soft. I had to almost “fight” with people in 2 / 3 times (they would literally have conversations between themselves and chat on the phone, total disrespect, no civism, no education…) and then I just gave up and made a new rule to me and my family, just go to the after midnight sessions. Watched the End Game at 1am, the Imax room was just for us basically, it was awesome.

          But I agree, right now watching at home is pretty good, only Imax is worth , otherwise, home movie nights are better.


            Call me crazy, but when I see kids running up and down the cinema, having popcorn fights, and taking a close up look at the screen, I find it kinda sweet, makes me miss my own childhood 😂

            But grown ups disrupting movies in cinemas, they can go f**k themselves 🖕


              Less than a month away 🤩


                I think Hollywood, comics, games and music industries are 100% steeped in their new mechanism for making cash. And because of that I have ZERO enthusiasm for most things coming from those sources.

                Why should they spend effort discovering talent, developing great scripts and stories or producing blockbusters? Those things take time, effort and money. Instead they can put out a constant stream of half hearted mediocre (at best) drivel that they created from a formula and make decent cash.

                So long as people buy the garbage they produce they will keep making it. This is why indie stuff does so well because they are the only ones making things out of passion and a will to make something great vs. just churn another dollar.


                  Can you beat ScarJo at the 1 second Marvel quiz??



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