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    I’m sad to hear this since I always thought Scarlet was against this nonsense. Heck I can remember one vid with her saying that female superheroes shouldn’t always be Batman in heels!

    I’m also saddened at the alarming rate that this film is leaning towards the woke angle. This and Dr Strange 2 were the only ones I was really looking forward to watching. I even got a Black Widow jumper when I was last in Primark for the occasion back in September last year lol.


      It seems to me that around 2010 Hollywood as a whole (and it’s really a small group of people) decided to stop making entertainment and to focus on propaganda. That’s not hyperbole. I think this really happened. I find that almost every title post 2010 is woke. My personal movie collection is bereft of almost anything beyond that year because I cannot stand any of it.


      You really said it, Vknid. It’s all propaganda. All of it. It may attempt to pose as something else, but every single personality in media or acting may pose as actor or journalist but all of them are propagandists hitting the public with subliminals and symbols. All of it is fake and fraud.


      I think they all made a pledge back in the day.

      The first film made entirely in Hollywood was a short film in 1910 titled In Old California. By 1911, the first movie studio appeared on Sunset Boulevard. By 1915, many major motion-picture companies had relocated to Hollywood from the East Coast.

      So, on the 100th anniversary of Hollywood films, they would stop making “entertainment”, and instead go woke/become an agenda/propaganda industry.


      So long great movies, family entertainment.

      The golden age of films is long past.

      All we have now is a zombie apocalypse when the dead refuses to stay dead, and continues to infect the rest of the world with its desease.






      i was gonna watch it because i dont hate Scarlet and I like David Harbour, but reading that marvel is promoting this as an anti-men propaganda movie, i don’t have interest in watching it anymore.

      Just like I gave up watching wanda vision, didn’t watch loki, falcon… didnt watch captain marvel…

      In DC i didnt watch birds of prey, and the batwhamen show… etc.

      Like me, there’s a lot of people… that used to love dc and marvel comics and now don’t watch this disney-like political woke stuff.


      Some reports is that it is the MEDIA pushing for this film to fail. (think The Joker).

      Black Widow is NOT woke enough to be good enough for them.

      That is why they are pushing the “over-sexualization” of Black Widow in the previous MCU movies.

      Now it is a matter of watching the reviews on u-tube to see which is correct.


      It seems to me that around 2010 Hollywood as a whole (and it’s really a small group of people) decided to stop making entertainment and to focus on propaganda.

      Hollywood was always red and nobody proves that better than Razor Fist. Honestly, they’ve been making propaganda since their early days but they’ve hidden that and been subtle until the 2010s.

      Honestly, I’m glad the MCU woke because I hate American superheroes and all the pacifism and commie propaganda it pushes. It’s all shit for the birds.




        CINEMAS KICKED STREAMING’S BUTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳


          Watched Black Widow, in the cinema 🤩🤩🤩 and it was great!

          Was it the best superhero movie of all time? No, but it was still a good movie with cool-ass action scenes and a heart warming bitter sweet story about Black Widow and her family. Without giving any spoilers i will say i was not expecting them to do what they did with Taskmaster, and more so, i was not expecting what they did to actually work, but surprisingly, it fit perfectly with Dreykov’s sadistic nature

          Final verdict, this movie was 99% good story telling and maybe 1% agenda (if you want to be nit picky), definitely a case of marketing being way woker than the actual film, and i’m so fucking happy cinemas are open again 😆🥳🤩



            Thanks for posting that. I was not going to watch it but I will now based on your recommendation.


              @Vknid, hope you enjoy the movie :3


              Saw a bootleg copy. Marvel just doesn’t miss. They just know how to make movies. It is good. I liked the Russian humor in it.

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