Favourite Anime Villains

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    And the most terrifying villain in all of anime: truck-san.




    My favorite anime villains are:

    Yoshikage Kira from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure


    “My name is Yoshikage Kira. I’m 33 years old.” Jokes aside, he’s my favorite JoJo villain in the anime. Unlike the other villains I like, he isn’t a villain who wants to destroy/rule the world. Instead, he merely wishes to live a quiet life, without interruptions or conflict that could result in him losing sleep at night. All while he kills women and uses their hands as his “girlfriends.” Oh, and he has a hand fetish after looking at the Mona Lisa in an artbook as a kid. Just brilliant.

    Note: When I first watched Diamond is Unbreakable about a year ago, I thought that, while Kira is my favorite villain in JoJo, I didn’t like that he was introduced pretty late in the story. However, after re-watching the series, I noticed a bunch of scenes early on that foreshadowed Kira’s presence in Morioh.

    Tomura Shigaraki from My Hero Academia


    I initially thought he was a pretty lame villain when I first saw him, but I like that the author showed his rise in the ranks of the criminal underworld, a dark parallel to Deku’s growth as a hero. But what makes him one of my favorites is during the yet-to-be-animated MVA arc, where we get to see more of his backstory as a child, and when his Quirk manifested. I’ll explain more of what I love about the arc in my own topic, so be sure to check it out.

    Nui Harime from Kill la Kill


    When I first saw this character in the anime, I thought she looked completely out of place among the other characters. Much like Shigaraki, I thought she looked pretty lame, especially since we have a similar, cute character in Mako. However, this image makes her one of my favorite characters in the show:


    Best villain in Kill la Kill by a mile.


    obviously the greatest anime character of all time




Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)
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