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    I’m thinking of playing the Finals Fantasy 7 remaster. What other game remasters would you guys like to see done?


    The Command & Conquer Remaster was good and the possibility is on the table for a C&C 2 Remaster.

    The Mass Effect Remaster trilogy is on the way but I’m worried the 1st game will be changed too much.

    I haven’t played Final Fantasy since FF 4, I’ve got this thing where if I’ve missed a game in a series I won’t get the next one even if there not related, why do I do these thing?

    I’ve got mixed feelings with Remasters, I want them but when they censor or change the game…I don’t.


    PC version coming out in March most likely 😏


    Metroid Prime Trilogy HD

    Doesn’t even need a full remake – Graphics have aged really well. Just give it the same treatment as Wind Waker and Twilight Princess and you’re golden.

    It’s one of the greatest sci-fi trilogies ever made and among the few games I make the effort to get 100% on. It deserves another re-release for old and new fans alike.


    Chrono Trigger remake using the graphics engine for Dragon Quest, because Toriyama does the classic artwork anyway. A remaster/remake like that would be godly.

    Fuck Chrono Cross.


    The PSP version of Final Fantasy IV is incredible – best art style by far


    Tokyo Jungle, Blast Corps, Mutant League Football, WWE All Stars, and WWF No Mercy.

    Obviously the wrestling titles would require roster updates, but man…those are two of the best ever made.


      I’d rather have no roster or gameplay update. Both were FAR better then than they are now.

      Also, nice to see someone give Tokyo Jungle some love. That game was great.


      You couldn’t rerelease those games without updating the roster as not everyone are under a Legends deal, some are currently employed by rival promotions, others are banned from mentions altogether. Whoever handling it would have to get the rights to each individual paying them or their family a set fee inflating the budget and that’s only after WWE approved them. That’s pretty much the reason no one’s attempted it. It’s a licensing nightmare.


      Resistance: Fall of Man

      Despite the number of legendary titles on PS3, Resistance: Fall of Man stands out as one of the best games for me to this day. I have no interest in getting a PS5 anytime soon, but if by some miracle they made a remastered version of the game (or trilogy) I would gladly invest in one.


      FF VII free on PS Plus    :D


      Even though I don’t like the fact that so many Switch games these days are just WiiU remasters, there are some games that I would love to see being remastered.

      Sonic Adventure 1&2 would be great, also Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask for Switch. Oh, and of course Super Mario Galaxy 2 which was not part of 3D All-Stars which is a shame.


      I have played and beat FF7 both original and what they’ve released of Remastered. I’m still waiting for part 2 to come out, and I pray they don’t release it as a PS5 exclusive. I broke down and bought a PS4 for FF7 Remastered. lol


      We need most old rpgs remastered. Im so happy saga frontier is getting one, same with the nis volume 1. I think finally they are realizing the money in old rpgs. I hope to got xenogears gets it!!!


      You mean remake? In that case, Zelda 2. That’s really the only Zelda game that should have been remade because that game is too hard (although I’ve gotten used to it) and is even among the toughest NES games ever.

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