Games that piss off SJWs

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    I’m about to finish playing Alan Wake (still one of my favorite games) and I’m pondering what to play next. I’m curious about any games that are despised by SJWs and/or under attack by the cancel culture. I have a PS4 and a Nintendo Switch so either would work. I would prefer the Switch so I could play wherever.


    Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Grand Theft Auto V, the Arkham Batman games, etc.


      Dead or Alive games

      Lollipop Chainsaw

      Senran Kagura games

      GTA games

      Any game with boobs




        Most games made in japan
        Most games made before 2013
        Most games really since SJWs just hate video games in general.


        Triggered: The NPC game


          Warhammer 40,000: Rites of War is now free on GoG for 2 days


            A good one to support is a game called “Ion Fury”.

            When it first launched SJW’s complained that it was homophobic due to a bottle of Olay lotion being renamed Ogay.  The SJW’s complained so much that the developers actually bent the knee, apologised and promised to change the label.  However, after loads of players (myself included) refunded the game to punish them for caving, the developers saw sense and decided not to change the game.  I re-bought the game after they did that.

            More info in this video :



            If the loons at REEEEsetera forums are any indication, Just about every game is gross, racist, sexist, transphobic, toxic…. yada yada yada.


            I do not know if you can play this game on Nintendo Switch but for the PlayStation 4…Red Dead Redemption 2. Here is a link to a video from the game from a particular YouTuber:


            Bayonetta, Astral chain and recently Ghost of tsushima. These games have triggered the SJWS.


              Oops, that wasn’t supposed to be posted here, sorry.


                Their reaction in that ordeal was the reason I bought the game.
                The fact it’s fucking awesome is just a bonus.


                  They’re pretty pissed about Far Cry 6 already.
                  I’m sure the actual game will be woke and pandering as hell but that doesnt stop them from hating it.


                    Big Drunk Satanic Massacre.
                    Final Fantasy VII Remake  (I remember it wasnt that long ago SJWs looked down on “Slut Shaming”.  Now, they are the “Slut Shamers” and any woman that’s not 300+ ibs and Abby Face is labeled as as a slut)
                    Overwatch (Blizzard have been, repeatedly, giving into the mob for 4 years now and they still demand more. Overwatch is a prime example of how you cant sacrifice enough on The Alter of Woke to calm the SJW gods. )
                    Every God of War except the PS4 game
                    Apparently, they think Ghost of Tsushima is racist even though it’s likely to win many GOTY awards in Japan. haha
                    Sleeping Dogs (You play as an undercover cop in Hong Kong)
                    That Paw Patrol game that’s releasing next month.
                    Any Superhero game
                    Dead To Rights
                    La Noire


                    REEEsetra loses its shit on Xenoblade 2. No Xenoblade thread can exist in there without someone shitting on XB2’s character designs.

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