Games that piss off SJWs

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      Those people shit on Mario, Metroid and Pokemon. haha.


      They call Pokémon slavery, Mario sexist and Bowser a womaniser, yes these individuals need a nice rubber room and a jacket with optional long sleeves. Just posted an article Gamer girl,proves I have a strange sense of humour.


      I’m looking forward to playing Ghosts. L.A. Noire is one of my favorite games.


      Delicious, salty REEEsetError tears!



      At this point, basically any Japanese-developed game is gonna piss off the SJWs.




      DOOM and DOOM Eternal


        Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach games

        Senran Kagura games

        Onechanbara games

        All the renpy engine adult “games” such as Dating my Daughter, Melody, Treasure of Nadia, Lust Epidemic, etc  :)

        (yes, some are actually quite good)


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        I heard about one game called Ski Sniper, you snipe people trying to go down the slopes 😲.

        What about Hearts of Iron 4, it’s a WW2 simulator…you can literally play as Mr H and take over the world, or take control of Stalin’s glorious moustache, or you can play as my country Australia and have a terrible experience…were so weak 😥.

        A game got taken of the Nintendo store because your goal was to sit in the back of a car and not get caught…doing things to yourself 😆.

        Anything Anime related…they seem to be going after it, a stupid politician in my country is getting Anime cancelled in Australia 😥, comparing it to Pedo stuff, dumb B.

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          I’ve been playing Maneater and came across a quest called “Third Cave Feminism” where the goal  is to find Dead Horse Cave.
          A couple other moments that seemed like subtle jabs at woke culture to.
          Not far enough in the game say anything for certain but Tripwire, itself, is pretty a non-woke company, from my experience.
          Hopefully, they dont pull a Dynamite.
          All that aside, this fuckin game brilliant.

          It’s an RPG where you are playing as a Shark on a quest to avenge it’s mother’s death.

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