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    A place to share with the community what you are playing right now, gaming news and other stuff related to gaming, in general. :)




    I mostly play on Playstation, so I’m enjoying all the free games (PS5 plus collection is awesome). Right now i’m playing Shadow of the Tomb Raider (pretty good, as the previous ones) and I’m already downloading Control (free this month).



    Hammering on some Diablo 3 to get the platty, some RE7 (in the daytime naturally), and Disney Infinity on the weekends the boy.

    I really enjoyed the newer Tomb Raider games. The tombs stuck out the most to me, well thought out and just the right amount of challenge.


     some RE7 (in the daytime naturally)


    haha xD I love resident evil games, the graphics and cinematic scenes are awesome, but yeah, my heart is not strong enough to play it at night with high volume :DD  RE2 remastered is amazing. I gotta finish RE7 and RE3.

    I have to wait a little while for Village to drop its price. But it seems great as well.


    the identity politics of tlou2 keeps getting awards nominations lol

    these gaming journalists or whoever is in charge of these nominations are a disgrace, in my humble opinion.


    Great video about the franchise of God of War, By MarcTheCyborg


    Playing the Dragonborn add-on for Skyrim again for the first time in four years.

    The soundtrack for Solstheim is probably Jeremy Soule’s best: Scorched ashlands to the south, frozen wastelands to the north. Solstheim is sombre but beautiful.


    good video about NIER: REPLICANT



    Damn it though, I actually like Fall Guys 😑


    I don’t know about the story/characters… but… this looks awesome. :o

    I enjoyed the 1st game, the story was just so so, but the gameplay was awesome. The characters, only the main character and her father were good, imo. The rest was meh, with Californian accents which i didn’t like. lol

    Really wanna play this one, finally a game to make use of the ps5 hardware. =)


    @Hazu a lot of people liked Horizon Zero Dawn. I was not one of them. It’s politically charged (to a minor degree) . But the bigger issue I had with it is I am so bored with large expansive open worlds where the entire game is go to the flashing dot and get the thing.


    I was recently playing BlazBlue Cross Tag, got my platinum trophy. Now I am not sure what I will do next. I sorta have an urge to play some Resident Evil. Maybe go back to RE2 and unlock the infinite guns for Claire. I came up about 10 minutes or something too long when I got my platinum. I won’t buy VIII until I can get a good deal on it, but I do wanna play that one.

    Been playing Hyrule Legends(?) I think it’s called on my 3DS. It’s supremely redundant. But it kills time.

    As mentioned elsewhere, I am a big Mega Man fan. Rumor has it a new game is in development. I am waiting to be disappointed with that one. I say that because the recent Capcom leak implies the tilte is “Rockmen Taisen” which I am told means something like Mega Man Tactics. I get the feeling they are doing a crossover kind of game. Which might be neat. But not what I have been waiting for. Still holding out hope for X9.

    Other than that, I have been feeling a general state of “meh” on gaming lately. So last gen might have been my last gen. Time will tell.


    I am trying to beat No Way Out in RE2 remake. You have to kill 100 zombies.

    So far, I have achieved 92 and a headache. All to get the last trophy lol


    One headache, neck-ache and a damaged controller later, FINALLY. Damn… Resident Evil 2: 100% (trophies)

    RESIDENT EVIL 2_20210530152753

    Now that I scratched my Resident Evil itch, maybe I can watch some anime lol Or I could play RE7’s DLC, or unlock the last two infinite weapons in RE2. My Claire S Rank Hardcore run was four minutes over unlocking the infinite minigun, I think it was (facepalm)


    congrats xD

    i’m not that hardcore playing games, i just do the story modes and dont really care about finishing 100%, the only game i finish everything 100% was batman arkham knight, because i loved the game so much :P

    i finished the main story of RE 2 remake, didnt play the dlcs, i need a good story to get me excited lol if it’s just killing killing i dont do it. :P I’ll start playing RE VII soon.

    Now I’m playing Days Gone… it’s not bad at all, at least for now (10% so far so good). I like to ride the bike in the mountains. just too bad there’s no radio with cool music.


    @Hazu thats cool Arkham Knight is the one Batman game I haven’t 100%. Only because I hate the Batmobile. The DLC tracks just were not worth it. Arkham City was a challenge… Having to redo the predator and combat missions for 4 characters…


    haha yeah man, every time i had to use the batmobile i was like “oh shit here we go again…” , tanks tanks tanks… but well, it was worth it. the characters were so well done, the story… the dialogues… just amazing. Unfortunately I’m not so sure about the next game, Gotham Knights… maybe I won’t even buy it. ;(

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