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      @FallenOmegaStar if Toriyama does not come out and specifically say its canon, then it’s non-canon. Period. He had nothing to do with the plot. Even by Doomcocks five rules of canon, I don’t think it meets the fanbase requisite.

      I must be the only person on the 3rd planet who wants DragonBall to just STOP. And honestly, Goku needs to be pimp slapped. Heavily. To the point is back assward brain actually turns on.

      I am convinced Toriyama doesn’t even care about DragonBall. He didn’t even remember he created Brolly. I think he revived DragonBall for one reason: $$$. He cares so much, he is letting someone else write the anime and someone else write the Manga, neither of which match completely. From what I understand, he only provided the outline in either case. Not a sign of sincere interest.


        I am convinced Toriyama doesn’t even care about DragonBall. He didn’t even remember he created Brolly. I think he revived DragonBall for one reason: $$$. He cares so much, he is letting someone else write the anime and someone else write the Manga, neither of which match completely. From what I understand, he only provided the outline in either case. Not a sign of sincere interest.

        Well why not?? It’s Toriyama’s buisness how he wants to run things, if Dragon Ball still makes money (unlike what started this topic in the first place), and he doesn’t mind not having full creative controll, then there’s no reason for him to stop making a living this way


          @DigiCat That’s fine and that’s his prerogative. It just shows in the quality and the staleness. Which circles back to my point… DragonBall has taken the Western approach. And it shows.

          That’s all.


          I keep seeing people assuming GT is non-canon, but I haven’t seen anyone come up with hard evidence to back that up. I know people like to think it isn’t because it wasn’t penned by Toriyama, but, far as I’m aware, neither Toriyama nor Toei Animation have come out with any statement on whether or not it’s canon.

          I’m aware that Super has contradicted GT’s own lore, but you can’t expect Toei and Toriyama to care about continuity and consistency. They otherwise do seem to acknowledge GT as part of the franchise as they have avoided telling any new stories set at the same time period which would discard GT outright.

          Not saying any of this in defense of GT; I get why people don’t like it. I’m just simply pointing out how saying GT is non-canon seems to be a rather non-substantiated claim. I personally don’t mind it, but if we were to get a proper Dragon Ball sequel, it should be ignored so writers would be free of its constraints and do a better job. But that’s something neither Toei nor Toriyama have shown any willingness to do.

          GT doesn’t have a manga and is mainly produced by Toei as a continuation for the DBZ anime so that’s more than enough for it to be non-canon. Dragon Ball Super at least has an outline by Toriyama himself. I don’t even have to mention how DBS makes GT impossible to happen and no, it’s not because Toriyama doesn’t care about consistency. It’s mainly because he has a bad memory and forgets a lot. That why Shuu has two different names in Dragon Ball part 1, why 7 Cell Jr.s were killed when Cell made 6, and also the reason Lunch barely appears in DBZ.

          He cares so much, he is letting someone else write the anime and someone else write the Manga, neither of which match completely.

          The manga is drawn lazily (even the guy was caught tracing) and uses the anime as an excuse to show parts of the story (i.e. Resurrection F, Broli, Gohan vs. Kefla) but it’s actually better written than the anime. For one, the power-scaling is much better given that Goku didn’t absorb his God powers so everyone else isn’t a universe destroyer. Then you have Trunks not being ultra powerful out of nowhere, the Universe 6 Saiyans drawn better and not having tingly back transformations, Zamasu’s plan for domination making more sense, and more development for Jiren among other things.

          But yeah, Dragon Ball should’ve ended over 20 years ago but I find it dumb fun at this point. It’ll never be as good as it once was but I don’t mind its existence as long as it doesn’t go woke.


          @shrap @Captain_Cronos

          I don’t know if you’re both misinterpreting my argument, here? When I said if GT is canon or what, I meant it rhetorically. The truth is we don’t know if it’s canon or not because they’ve avoided taken a hard stance on it. You’re assuming it isn’t based on your own perspective: If you want to ignore it on the merits you’ve outlined, that’s perfectly valid; I’d even agree. Just don’t presume Toei and Toriyama will play by those same rules. They may not value canon the same way you or I would. If one day the question gets popped directly to them and they say, “Oh, yes, it took place.” What happens then?

          I’m just saying be prepared for content creators to sometimes say or do something annoying. Personally, I just think of GT the same as the movies, set in some alternate timeline or such, but Super could’ve easily been set after Z’s epilogue instead of before, so I can’t help but think they are wanting to avoid replacing GT outright, despite having no problems otherwise contradicting it. For all we know, the only reason they insist on not having a proper sequel to Z is because they reckon having two sequel series would be be too confusing. Which I find frustrating, because I think they are seriously inhibiting themselves by being dead-set on making new stories in the same spot of the timeline since Battle of Gods.



            I understand, but that’s a subject for a different thread I guess. I stand by the non-canon argument. Until Toei OR Toriyama say otherwise. If it’s unknown, assume it’s not canon and make your life easier. With that I’m bowing out of this one.

            I’ll leave this thread with this: Sometimes you have to destroy a building to build something better. DC and Marvel are old buildings with flood damage and bugs. Lots of bugs. They should be condemned and bulldozed. So we can build a new shopping mall. Or a Portillos. Wouldn’t mind a Portillos.



            I really don’t mind if GT is canon and it might even lead to some interesting results and questions like what happened with Mai and Trunks or where did all those god powers go to? I’d even say GT is better than Super if it wasn’t for the bastardization of Trunks and the first 12 episodes being the worst Dragon Ball has been until that awful Universe 2 episode starring Ribrianne and re-used footage. Still, the retcons involving Bardock and the Saiyans annoyed more than anything GT had. I liked it better when the whole race were a bunch of ruffians.


            I think DC got hijacked and now we’re just witnessing they falling from a cliff, slowly …

            If you thought it couldn’t get any worse than the pride books with lobo’s daughter or the I am not starfire shitfest… you were wrong. They just turned tim drake gay.

            And we know all those crazy angry weirdos will attack saying “oMg racist, omG biGoT”, nah, you just don’t change characters if you have some common sense, if you want more diversity then create new ones and we hope you have the capacity to create a good story about them (you don’t). DC (and marvel) new writers are former buzzfeed bloggers, former reddit moderators, former Tumblr users, they own DC and Marvel now. lmao.


            I refused to get any of their BLACK LABEL rated mature over-priced comics.  (I had gotten the Harleen series it is was NOT worth the cost, IMO)

            I refused to get any of their perversion/rainbow comics titles that celebrates immoral actions/lifestyles.

            I refused to get any of their 5G/Future State titles.  (I did get The Flash, but the rest would only be from the dollar bin.)

            As for those characters/concepts that were introduced:

            Even thought I have Superboy comics since the 1990’s, him taking over the mantle of superman is a big NO.

            Even thought I have Lobo comics since the 1990’s, Crush & Lobo at full price is a big NO.  (I’ll wait till they are in the dollar bin.)

            Even thought I have Detective/Batman comics since the 1980’s, The next batman is also a big NO.

            NO to wonder girl.  etc.

            And this season of the Batman, where it feels like every other DC title is Bat-related… NO!


            It is getting to the stage where DC Publishing needs to license out their comics, because they can’t under how their current parent company runs DC Publishing.  Its recent move does not help either.


            The only American Comic property doing well now is Power Rangers comics

            Hopefully they don’t go woke for awhile or not at all if possible and if they did….I am gonna be buying alot of Power Rangers graphic novels at my local dollar store for $4 like I am buying DC and Marvel graphic novels for $4 there now.

            There is always a silver lining but I hope Power Rangers continues to do well and I am not just saying that because I am a Power Ranger…..WE DESPERATELY NEED GOOD ENTERTAINMENT THESE DAYS!!!!!

            If Power Rangers gets woke and it will at some point….I’m gonna watch red, green, blue, yellow, black and pink paint dry while listening to 1950s Fallout 4 type music.


            I used to like the intelligence of the writers and characters. One indication that they are going the wrong way is that I heard there is a lot of cursing in comics now and profanity. They just keep digging and refuse to get it.


            @comicsgate I agree.

            In many of the Batman DC comics they have been in the speech bubbles been using little “bat symbols” instead of the @#$@ .

            I found that outside of DC’s Black Label, it is NOT appropriate to have so many cussing in their regular monthly titles.


            Lets see how the Substack thing is gonna go… for now it seems interesting. Specially when many artists and writers are leaving the mainstream companies to start working on solo projects, that alone is proof that mainstream comics are dying and we all know the reason why. But they will deny it and say everything is fine, the old fans are bigots, the new twitter audience is what they want (too bad they don’t buy comics huh).

            I will pay attention to the names at substack, specially Scott Snyder. I’ll see what they will launch… hope it’s good.


            As I’ve said on another topic…just give everything to the Japanese. I’m sure they’d be able to fix all the woke rubbish going on at Marvel and DC!


            Well, the woke garbage has been taken to the next level.

            DC is making not one but tow MORE of their characters homos!

            Former Robin Tim Drake has come out a gay/bi.

            And they are making Johnathen Kent aka Superboy, to become gay when when becomes the fulltime Super”MAN” of Earth when the true Superman leaves.

            This cancer infecting comics MUST end.  This destroying of characters for the woke/sjw agenda is pure garbage.


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