If you were canceled?

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    Do you think you could mentally survive if every single person alive canceled you? Essentially cutting you off from the world. You would not be able to be employed. People would not buy from/buy into your business. For arguments sake, say the government funnels in meager amounts of money to keep you alive.

    How would you fair mentally?


    when you’re canceled you can always move to Italy


    Ha! Good f***ing luck trying to cancel me 😂

    On a much, much smaller scale, I’ve been being cancelled since middle school by school bullies, and if my memory fairs well, I kicked their butts 😁


    I’m an isolationist by nature, so the kind of complete cutting off we’re suggesting is basically threatening me with a good time.

    I’ve actually recieved a lot of small scaled ‘cancelings’ in my local area. Some people want me to just affirm their pre-existing view on the matter, and got super defensive when I had an alternative viewpoint, and now a lot of those people never want to ask me for anything.


    Hmm Well at least 2 SJW’s tried to cancel me. They got cancelled after that attempt. That is 2-0 in favor of INC22. But if I got cancelled I think I would survive. I lived most of my life without internet social media.


    I could give two diddly shits if anyone tried to cancel me.

    1) Outside of my YouTube channel, I have no social media footprint, so good luck trying to find anything to hang on me, cuz I don’t shoot my mouth off on Twitter and forget about it. As far as my YT channel goes, I’m playing the watch my mouth game to avoid the “special” words it doesn’t like, so stupid YouTube has no reason to kill my channel or shadow ban me before I even get anywhere.

    2) Even if the remaining friends in my life turned on me, which they wouldn’t, I still have family in my corner.

    3) And on the slimmest chance the regular world didn’t want anything to do with me? So what…I’m a gamer and can easily slip into a hermit mode. I’m perfectly fine with just hanging out with myself. I like me. Me and I get along famously. I’m the best cook I know.

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    1: I was raised on farm.

    2: I was a Boy Scout.

    3: I’m antisocial.

    4. I own a rifle, and know how to hunt.

    I can survive off the land if I had to.


    How would you fair mentally?

    Probably poorly. But would I survive? Most likely. Depending on the situation, I doubt I’d be the only person. It would just take time finding all the others and getting together to create our own economy.


    So you are “cancelled” / “don’t have the sign of the beast” / “your social credit score makes you a non-person”, etc.

    This is what the CCP is doing (and what the nazi-crats want to do).

    If you are not a mindless drone of their ideology/agenda, you cannot hold a job, get to travel (banned from travelling), buy food/clothing/essentials, have friends (as their credit score will be effected by associating with you), own a home/land, and cannot rent (as your credit score bars you from it).

    The meager government funds would be in the form of homeless shelters – or self erasing booths (where they can harvest your organs for one with a better social score).

    This is the dystopia the lunatic left wants, IMO.


    This satan’s world I would not see myself fairing mentally well in.


    Fascist Book cancels me for no fucking reason at least 4 times a year in each of my 2 accounts. Both are in jail now the main for using some KARENS proper name during a debate. I destroyed her on what the Constitution actually said then 5 min later I had a 30 jail sentence for ‘harrassment’.

    The other avvount is in jail cause I asked IN A movie forum how many carriers that A Herd had to destroy before Hollyweird realized she was the problem.

    Fuckerdouche didnt even give me a reason for that one they just gave me 30 days in the hole.


    One can only hope that humans aren’t as insane, or that big of an asshole, as on TV…

    united we stand. divided we fall

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    Iv’e already been there. I had fake profiles made about me back in the My Space days. I had ANTIFA after me on Facebook years back. One thing all that taught me is that people are petty, they are jealous, and they don’t care who’s lives they ruin as long as it gives them satisfaction to promote their upside down world view and agenda.

    Suffice to say. I don’t say anything on twitter, facebook, or youtube. I have profiles there, but not with any relation to the real world me. I don’t want the drama, and it’s ALL pointless in the first place. There is NO conversation with these people. They say “we need to have a conversation”, but they don’t actually want one. They only start name calling, making you an ist or phobe, get personal, or discount everything you say with some demeaning term. Everything you say is mocked or twisted. There is NO CONVERSATION!

    Civility is also dead on the internet. I am a person who prefers to have a civil conversation and show respect to one another, even if you disagree. It’s the same thing in gaming as well, and most of why I despise competitive multiplayer and multiplayer games. So, again, I don’t really participate in social media. I like intellectual people and conversation, people that can talk without cussing every other word and attacking everything and anything different from them. But, that can’t be found very often on social media as it is today. So, I don’t participate. I don’t want drama in my life and I go out of my way to keep it that way. I’d rather be alone in quiet than put up with blind mindwash hostility and nonsense. It’s another reason I have been single for MANY years. I am not interested in the nonsense I see on dating sites now days, and I actually have standards in who I want holding hands with me and sharing life.

    The media has propagated our current trash mind and trash mouth culture. It’s molded society into a low IQ high school mentality sarlac pit to digest it’s consumers over 1000 yrs.


    They say “we need to have a conversation”, but they don’t actually want one

    😂 I’ve heard that phrase come out of my mom’s mouth an infinite amount of times, needless to say, she never actually wanted a conversation 😁


    They are trying to cancel The Quartering as we speak.



    I am admittedly not a Quartering guy. It’s not that I disagree with him on anything really, I’m just not into him. ie. he’s just not my cup of YouTuber tea. Still, he has earned his 1 million+ subs and deserves to sit where he is on the YouTube food chain.

    But this is disgusting what they are trying to do to him. If I had a bigger megaphone, I’d do more than simply posting here, but alas aside from making a video (which would be pointless considering my channel size) there isn’t much I can do to help the guy. If I were any sort of decent Twitter fisherman, I’d try that, but I don’t have those sea legs.

    I really think there is a second lesson in all of this, however. I know there is a camp of YouTubers who are fighting in this Culture War that don’t think we should cede ground on Twitter and that we have to keep fighting on that battlefield, too, but I still cannot help but think any presence on Twitter only hurts us all. I may be wrong in that thinking, but I don’t think Twitter helps anyone’s cause. Go ahead and keep dunking on SJWs all day long on there, but it’s just more fuel for them to try and twist things like in this instance with The Quartering to try and deplatform him and all of us.


    They won’t succeed cancelling the quartering. It’s just exposing SJWs for the lazy, inept fools that they are.

    With regard to getting cancelled, honestly it would hurt but I do meditation so I’d just have more time to spend on that.

    Victims of the present system also need to take heart in that what goes around comes around and the people who do the cancelling usually NEED online validation else their lives are meaningless. When it does happen to them it’ll be like taking away the air they breathe or torturing them in the most heinous way imaginable. At the end of the day, people usually get exactly what they deserve.

    He who laughs last and all that…


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