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    I noticed there wasn’t a thread, lets use this to discus our favorite gundam series, discuss upcoming series and current series on the air


    This, as someone who only watched all of G-Gundam and Gundam Seed when it aired on Toonami. As someone that wants to watch all of Gundam, but timeline wise to the series, what is a good place to start anime wise.


    if you want to watch the UC era in order


    MS Gundam

    08th MS Team







    Twilight Axis



    Victory Gundam

    G Reco

    as for the AU series

    G Gundam


    After War Gundam X

    Turn A


    Seed Destiny




    not tied to either timelines

    Gunpla Builders Beginning G

    Build Fighters

    Build Fighters Try

    Build Divers

    Build Divers Re Rise



    Be warned, lots of these do not stand up to time. I’m love me my Gundam, but some of them are simply not as good as when I first saw them. I would specifically say Gundam Wing is not as strong as when I first saw it back in the day. On the other end, I just did a full rewatch of Seed and Seed Destiny, and for me they are still my favorites. Course, I love the over powered nature of the Strike Freedom and Infinite Justice.

    Don’t go near, G Gundam….total trash, imo. Too nutty and out there.


    I seen G Gundam and Gundam Seed when I was kid and I wasn’t a Gundam fan before but now I am a Gundam Fan. I got to say Gundam is absolutely superb and I even considered that Anime the Star Wars of Anime if you know what I mean. I would recommend this Anime to Star Wars Fans, Star Trek Fans, Halo Fans, Starship Troopers Fans, Dune Fans, and Battlestar Galactica Fans even though it’s not the only anime I would recommend them.

    I’ve seen Gundam Wing, 1st season of Gundam 00, 1st season of Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans, G Gundam, the Gundam compilation film trilogy, the Gundam Unicorn OVA, Gundam the 08th MS Team, Gundam 0080 War in the Pocket, Zeta Gundam, Gundam AGE

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    Atm I’ve watched (in this order):

    00, X, Build Fighters, IBO, Seed & Destiny, OG Gundam, Zeta, Char’s Counter attack, Unicorn and now I’m watching Wing.

    Really not that hyped about Hathaway’s Flash but I’ll definitely check it out, I want a new AU Gundam.

    Wing is pretty… weird. It has a lot of weird dialogues (espacially Trowa, Quatre and Heero) and decisions. Also, they spam the self detonation gimmick like hell!


    I actually wholeheartedly disagree with both the notion that Mobile Suit: Gundam Wing does not hold up well, and that Mobile Fighter G-Gundam is “trash.” Even if you’re judging based solely on the animation, Gundam Wing holds up better than the lion’s share of series from that era, and its characters and storytelling are top tier as far as Gundam series go. As for G-Gundam, it holds a special place in my heart with how fun it is. The unique designs of each mobile suit add a cool and individual national flare to them, and it lacks the overtly serious tone that most of the franchise is known for.


    This is why we are all entitled to our own opinions. We all don’t have to like things the same way.

    Wing was the first Gundam I ever watched, but even though it holds that trophy my last watch through was not shaded by any nostalgia. The pace and development of the story just feels low grade and uncomplicated to me now as opposed to when I saw it as a teenager. Heero’s single mindedness is just so shallow compared to other Gundam protagonists. And Releena? She’s an idiot ideologue who tried to force the world into rosey image of what she wanted it to be. The only character who held up was Duo. Duo was still great, because he was the most real out of all of them.

    I watched G-Gundam right after Wing, so it was my second foray into Gundam. Disappointment is a nice way of how I felt when I finally reached the end. To this day, I feel like G-Gundam was a mish mash of different genres so it had no personality except goofy and over the top. G-Gundam just did not know what it wanted to be? Gundam or Dragonball? Part of the charm of Gundam is the technology aspect, and for me G threw out drilling down on Gundam tech for “trust us, this tech is super and sci-fiesque, and it’s Gundam, so watch it!”

    That’s how I feel to this day. We both have different recommendations for the uninitiated, and in the end they will make up their minds on their own.

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    Gundam Wing was the series that really got me into watching Anime and so it has a special place in my heart. I even had WNGZRO1 as my license plate on my first car. Most of the Gundam model kits that I own are based on GW.

    I’ve enjoyed most of the original UC storyline shows, except Unicorn. For me it was a bit disjointed and felt more like a historical tour/recap of history rather than an engaging story. The “box” was could have been listed in the top 10 McGuffins of all time.

    G Gundam was entertaining for me, after the first quarter of the show. Domon felt like the customary loud/annoying anime character at first but eventually grew into a great character.


    I’ve watched little Gundam. Wing, 00 and IBO, the last being my absolute favorite.


    sieg zeon!!!

    But the NU Gundam is a monster!


    My introduction to Gundam was Toonami, so I saw Gundam Wing and G-Gundam before finally seeing most of the original series, sadly the 9/11 attacks resulted in them pulling the entire series before the first run finished, though they showed most of the end during New Years that year. I was particularly salty cause while I fully understand that watching New Yark (Not a typo, that is the name it was in the anime and the games too) get bombed, the fact of the matter was they had ALREADY aired that episode so they could of just let the run finish and not restart.

    You can’t go wrong with a Universal Century series, I mean it’s the most fleshed out timeline there is. I love Seed as well, it gets a bad rap cause it’s a sorta soft reboot of the original Gundam.


    And Banagher didn’t really bring anything new and was a pretty basic MC. Also didn’t like the final fight


      08th MS Team is my favorite of the Gundam series. I love the character designer of 0080 War in Pockets who is Haruhiko Mikimoto. I have some art books of his works.

      I also like Toshihiro Kawamoto who is the character designer and key animator for quite some few Gundam series: MSG ZZ, MSG Char’s Counter Attack, 0083 stardust memory & Last Blitz of Zeon, MSG F91, Mobile Fighter G Gundam and my favorite, 08th MS Team. Also notable for some popular anime like Cowboy Bebop, Golden Boy, Full Metal Alchemist, Escaflowne, and City Hunter.


      I do not like Gundam Seed.


      I may be in the minority in that i prefer Mobile Fighter G Gundam over the UC series or even Wing. I like that it isn’t melodramatic or preachy like most of the other series. Instead its a cheesy hong kong action tournament anime with mechs.

      The dated stereotypes in the show are pretty hilarious to look back on as well.

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