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    One singer that just popped into my head who might be able to be featured in the ‘Highlander’ remake soundtrack is Sarah Brightman. Probably because she’s already done a gorgeous cover of ‘Who Wants To Live Forever’ nearly 30 years ago on her ‘Timeless’ album. I swear it’s got nothing to do with her being my favourite artist as to why I’d recommend her for yet another cover😂.


    You modified this thread to make it more about artistic stand alone trailers, which is an excellent topic, which is, the art of the trailer itself. I like to read plots and summaries of the synopsis of books and movies sometimes, and trailers are like that. It’s a good thing to ponder. Like, if an aspiring director made low budget trailers of different projects.



    Everyone’s contributions has had an impact, morphing this thread into something more than just “Must See” Trailers. And that’s greatly appreciated.

    When you think about it, creating a good trailer is truly an artform – it must be tailored to the movie its trying to promote.

    Of the examples posted previously the one that stands out for me is the 1979 Alien trailer. It promoted a thriller/horror film in the best way possible – It creeped the audience out and did NOT spoil the plot nor give away the “villain”. And apart from some basic sound and visual effects it didn’t rely on fancy CGI or voice overs to make its impact.

    Granted, that formula would not work for every type of film, but it just goes to show what can be done with a little creativity and imagination.



    Thoughts on the recently dropped Aquaman 2 trailer? Honestly it’s hard to distance one’s opinion from all of the off-screen drama involving Amber Heard. Having said that, it just seems very generic to me.



    A friend of mine really liked the first Aquaman. I think it looks like a solid adventure. James Wan really making a name for himself. Anything with Atlantis taps into deep roots. I really like the strength of the villain, Black Manta, and the actor does a very good job. Looks like Aquaman Arthur is briefly teaming up with OceanMaster. Good action, good effects and good muscles. Jason is like 6’5″.

    As for Amber Heard, unfortunately, years and years of bad people in Hollywood had an effect of me kind of accepting just seeing movies that I want to see, even if I despise the actors or directors or producers. I don’t like David Harbour, but I liked Gran Turismo. I loathe and despise Meathead Rob Reiner, but he’s one of the best directors to ever do it and has made some of my favorite movies. That’s why all this strike is just justice. Nerdrotic made a very good video of all the actors telling people to go out of business during the lockdown, while Hollywood was allowed to operate. Gary was absolutely consistent on his messaging for an extended period of time and he has been vindicated.


    My dad really enjoyed the first Aquaman film if only for the special effects. I had debated on seeing it because of Jason Mamoa (seriously; I want to know what’s on his diet/exercise menu for him to look like that😂). Then the Turd happened and I’ve had to avoid it as a result. I know people can say “Hang on but you’ve got Snyder’s ‘Justice League’ film with her in!” but she’s only on there for 10mins so I can tolerate that…if I end up looking away that is. Usually by doing cross-stitch to distract me from her. Again, same with Miller; he’s not center-stage on there like he is on the Flash film but still leaves a sour taste in my mouth though.


    The artwork is amazing!


    Lowkey Geek reacted to this:

    Capcom’s “Onimusha,” the landmark survival action video game series set in Japan’s feudal Sengoku period, is being adapted into an anime series that will start streaming from Thursday, November 2, only on Netflix. Directed by Takashi Miike, this ambitious series will focus on Miyamoto Musashi, who is modeled after Toshiro Mifune, the Japanese film icon known around the globe. This is the beginning of an intense series full of realistic action in which Musashi’s blade slices through evil as he traverses a land plagued by poverty.


    I’ve never been a fan of the series but this looks good…


    After her family is slain and her land stolen, warrior queen Boudica (Olga Kurylenko) leads a fierce rebellion against the Roman Empire, inspiring her people to fight for freedom. oudica or Boudicca was a queen of the ancient British Iceni tribe, who led a failed uprising against the conquering forces of the Roman Empire in AD 60 or 61. She is considered a British national heroine and a symbol of the struggle for justice and independence.


    Age of Ultron was adequate for me. I liked the movie, but see where critics are coming from with the jokes. Marvel was so good back then that anything they did worked. What I liked about some Marvel movies was just the little things. The little thing I liked in Age of Ultron was when Hawkeye got shot in the beginning and had to go to a 3-D Printing machine to heal his tissues and organs. It is good science and good reading and good possibilities to see organic 3-D Printing in practice. It’s a touch of futurism. Michio Kaku would have a field day with it.

    Marvel also explored 3-D Printing in Spider-Man: No Way Home where Peter printed a Stark suit on the jet. The 3-D printing or organic tissue or other materials is one little, teeny tiny thing that used to make Marvel movies super interesting. Sometimes, even one scene in a sci-fi movie makes it worth watching even if the overall movie is not very good. Key scenes. Does a movie have that? Marvel used to have an aura of greatness about it.


    “Sometimes, even one scene in a sci-fi movie makes it worth watching even if the overall movie is not very good.”

    Or a sequence.

    Battleship (2012) is 2h 11m long; the only thing worth watching is the 6+ minute showdown with the Aliens near the end.



    Aww yeah!


    “We have laws for these things.”

    “Until they fail, then you have me.”




    Violent Night was good. This looks grittier…

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