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    Leave all your thoughts about Naughty Dog here!!!


      Fuck Naughty Dog.

      Those are my thoughts.


      I concur, fuck Naughty Dog


        They should make it easier to cancel a digital preorder on the PSN store – it was a PROCESS!


          Naughty Dog is the big ghey


            Fuck Naughty Dog Forever


            Naughty Dog should commit toaster bath #FuckNaughtyDog


              Plain and simple, FUCK NAUGHTY DOG


              *This post has been taken down by Muso & Naughty Dog*
              Oh wait, this is not youtube nor twitter. they have no power here ahahaha.

              First It’s kind of stupid how they destroyed their own IP and characters for woke points. After that they destroyed  their whole reputation by attacking everyone for their stupidity. I’m not going to touch whatever they made just from “they attack people who comments about it” alone. Get woke, go broke.


              New article from Eliana Docketerman at Time posted about 3 hours ago about how everyone is terrible and also The Last of Us II isn’t great… But mostly everyone is terrible and that’s the real focus.


              She goes on to slander guys who hated Ghostbusters 2016 and Luke’s fall from Grace storyline in The Last Jedi. Particularly calling out Youtubers and Redditers.

              Being that Naughty Dog is owned by Sony… I am genuinely contemplating not picking up a PS5 to spite many years of neglect from such an arrogant corporation.

              And the obvious:

              Fuck Naughty Dog.

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              I think Naughty Dog and what comes to mind is “a group of cunts” sorry not sorry


              Naughty Dog is full of scumbag employees and Neil Cuckman is the head of the scumbags. I hate Naughty Dog and will never buy their products again as long and Neil is around the company. I also despite what they did to Az (Heels vs. Babyface), Ryan (RK Outpost), and Jeremy (Geeks + Gamers). They are scum and should be called out for it. Hope their games fail in the future.


              Used to be cool with Naughty Dog back in the PS2 era with the Jak and Daxter titles, but didn’t pay much attention to them until the controversies surrounding The Last of Us 2. Now I’m pretty much paying attention to them just to see the dumpster fire and the memes.


              F*ck Naughty Dog, and Neil Cuckman is a simp


              Tbh Jak 3 is one of the all time greats in my book. More recently Uncharted is solid. Never really cared about Last of Us.

              But these days they are virtue signalling bullies, fuck those guys.

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