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    Produced by Dave Filoni, Bad Batch follows Echo and Bad Batch in the post Order 66 galaxy as they take on mercenary jobs and run into conflicts with the Empire. Its expected to come out next year but at least now we know why the CW ending was changed. This also might seem like verification of Kathleens wavering influence at Lucasfilm even though Disney as a whole has been tainted. Thoughts?


      @Dash_Attack, you beat me to it, was just about to post a thread on this. Just saw the news on youtube, and i’m so happy we’re getting more Bad Batch! I really liked the Bad Batch arc in the last season of Clone Wars, my favorite Bad Batch clone’s Wrecker 😸


      Can’t wait to see Jeremy  response since Naughty Dog nuked his Twitter. I hope its positive.


      I really hope to see Commander Cody and other clone commander’s make an appearance. This being said “I’m cautiously optimistic” as Obi Wan once said.


      Disney has done absolutly nothing with Cody. An actual movie character who is betrail was one of the biggest moments Revenge. He apparently was in Force Unleashed 2 which is no longer canon.  I want Cody.


      I don’t think Legends did much with Cody either other than that he was sent to guard Kamino. Cody deserves better.


      Im not interested in the Null-ARCs lesser nephews.


      I just wonder why they did this over the rest of the Clone Wars arcs. I can’t see this show going for more than 2-3 seasons which was what the Clone Wars had left. Weird choice to do a series on when all the Filoni fans are asking for the Ahsoka and Sabine show.


      I know the Clone Wars already has 7 Seasons, but it would be nice to have the rest of the episodes finished.


        Maybe the rest of the Clone Wars episodes’ll be put out as bonus episodes every Clone Wars anniversary, i hope, please? I doubt they’ll just abandon them


        I could see something like this happen, especially since they seemed to have stopped putting out the stories as books or comics instead. My only wish is to see the bounty hunter arc. Seeing Boba Fett in his actual armor taking back the Slave I and killing Cad Bane would be so awesome. I hope beyond hope they do this.


        I also hope that Delta Squad makes an appearance in the show as well.


        I’m excited for this show I liked the bad batch arc.


        Just posted a topic about Kathleen Kennedy potentially being fired. Taking the information with a pinch of salt. I am looking forward to the bad batch, hopefully it will be good.


        Hopefully it’s a sign for more good things to come.

      Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 38 total)
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