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    Kanan Jarrus–in STAR WARS REBELS, he’s a cocky, sarcastic renegade fighting against the Galactic Empire alongside the rag-tag crew of the Ghost…but years before, at the height of the Clone Wars, he was known as Caleb Dume, Jedi Padawan under the instruction of Jedi Master Depa Billaba. Neither master nor apprentice ever suspected that the Clone Troopers they commanded would turn on them upon the issuing of Order 66—the order to execute all Jedi. How did Caleb Dume survive? How did he learn to survive on his own? And how did he become the man we know as Kanan Jarrus? Writer Greg Weisman (writer/executive producer on STAR WARS REBELS, SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN) and artist Pepe Larraz (DEADPOOL VS. X-FORCE, THOR, INHUMAN) bring us a tale bridging the years between the Clone Wars and Rebels!


    hahahahahahahahahahahahha hard pass. Character is a violation of existing canon



    According to Disney canon, the Rancor in Return of the Jedi is a male named Pateesa. Though at this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if they just changed their own canon again like they did in the season premiere with Kanan. If they don’t, it’s probably the rancor Jabba has prior to the one we see in the film.


    As for the show as a whole, I just am not as impressed with it as every other Filoni shows. It feels like a Mando remake to me: the Bad Batch (Mando) takes a child under their wing and they go around the galaxy running into dangerous encounters or taking jobs for money. There’s no overarching plot really, each episode is its own adventure, which alone isn’t a bad thing. But week after week now after Mando followed the same formula, it’s getting kind of old to me. I guess I was just hoping for more, but we’ll see if they change it up before the end of the season.


    Ive been telling you for a year now; Cowgirl Felony is a hack. Every time he makes something he violates existing canon. Or in the case of the idiots in grey STOLE THE ENTIRE design from a real writer named Karen Travis.



     Or in the case of the idiots in grey STOLE THE ENTIRE design from a real writer named Karen Travis.

    Which design?


    Anyone else losing interest in Bad Batch? We’re getting tired of these macguffin missions that only progress the story a baby step. IMO the last two episodes could not even exist and have no effect on the stories continuity.


    The Null Arcs.
    They are the design the ‘bad batch’ is a ripoff of. Remember everything that Cowgirl Felony does is either a ripoff of better work of a direct violation of existing work.

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