Over 1000 Subs, and The Name Calling Continues

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    Over 435 videos.

    465 subscribers!

    Almost to 500.

    And almost to 4,000 hours viewed and monetization.

    So, will you feel like a GRIFTER then?

    < HA Ha ha >


    @Legatus_Legionis I took today off cuz I got up early to vote…and I went to bed late last night, so I was zonked afterwards and fell asleep during Real BBC for a while.

    Plus….I didn’t feel the call to make a video on anything I saw today. I think last month I got a little bit aways from exactly the stuff I like to focus on, so I’m not going to fall into the trap of making a video on every little thing that might get me clicks, even if I do sorta have an opinion on it. I’m not comfortable doing that, and then I feel pressure to try and keep up with “news” stories. I’m not a breaking news channel. I’m an opinion channel, and I have to remember that.

    Tomorrow there’ll be Natural 20 (gonna talk The Crow for bit among other things), and I’ll do the Dark Force Rising announcement vid at least.


      As sub #3 if your a grifter im a fart in the Vatican :)


      Yeah, but real grifting is like this; guys have you heard the latest? This channel has the solution to all your problems and to the Culture-War, so check out our fantasy podcasts, geek out and subscribe as soon as possible ;) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_-Se37U_nC-4FOt8jgluNw/featured

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      Catch the Latest livestream from @Roas The Renaissance Nerd.




      Sorry to hear The Round Table will be put on a temporary hiatus.

      And the word is… temporary !


      Sorry to hear The Round Table will be put on a temporary hiatus.

      And the word is… temporary !


      It is temporary. This is a classic case of creative differences, plain and simple. The gentlemen at Canadian Fantasy Corner simply want to put on a different show than I do, so that’s just how it is.

      I’ll be posting something tonight or tomorrow in hopes of jump starting a return. I need to talk to a friend tonight first.


      Over 459 videos.

      492 subscribers!

      Almost to 500 subscribers!

      Achieved 4,000+ hours viewed!

      So close to being fully Monetized.  💲

      So, feeling like a GRIFTER yet?

      < HA Ha ha >  😂


      No….if I was a better grifter I would have made more Kyle Rittenhouse videos before my first one today.


      C0ngrats on hitting the milestone!


      I’ll be late to the party.

      Enjoy your virtual 🍰


      Catch the Latest livestream from @Roas The Renaissance Nerd.


      Natural 20: MotU Revelations Disaster, Wheel of Time Fail?, Happy Thanksgiving!


      CanadianFantasyCorner’s content; which includes fantasy-lore podcasts, videos, reviews and Book-Clubs. We’re currently doing a series of podcasts on Tolkien’s work and a Hobbit Book-Club so come subscribe to our channel over at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_-Se37U_nC-4FOt8jgluNw/featured


      Catch the latest livestream from @Roas


      Natural 20: Wheel of Whine, Twitter Hates You, The Left Hates Christmas, and Much More!


      @Roas I don’t know how the “ABOUT” section works on y-tube, but it might be nice if in it, you can list your regular scheduled live streams and their start times.

      That way, it is easy for us (and new viewers) to see and being able to join us LIVE.

      Wednesday at 5 PM central, we have “Natural 20”

      Sunday at 3 PM central, we have “The Round Table – with GrumpyOldGamer”

      Just an idea.


      @Legatus_Legionis Yeah, I could update the description section with that info.

      Good idea. I’ll make it happen tonight.

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