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    Alright I’ve got to hear those specs 😂


    I’ll share the list when I get home. I can’t seam to share it on my mobile.


    Here is the wish list for the build. lol




    Funnily (given the $$$ spent) that wouldn’t actually be a very good “gaming PC”, since the single (and even 4-core multi-thread) performance required for optimal gaming would not be met by a 2.9Ghz CPU and would almost certainly throttle the potential of the RTX 3090. It would be insane for content creation though (especially 3D rendering etc).

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    That was not my first choice of CPU. My fist choice is no longer carried by Newegg, but I have replaced it on my list with something better for gaming.</p>


      I over buy the case and PSU.  My previous build had the same PSU and case for 5 years.  Changed out everything else before replace those two. Old parts are still in use has a file server.

    Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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