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    Falcon was made Captain America during 2012-2015 during the Marvel NOW! run. According to EVS, who I consider an expert on such things, this was Marvel starting its woke agenda in comics.


      Thanks for the info


      I will never get over what Disney/Marvel did to Mary Jane. Absolute garbage.


      I just think new characters should be made instead of race/gender swapping existing ones.   And if a new character is not strong enough on its own– without co-opting an existing popular one, then it should not exist in the first place precisely because it is not strong enough.  Get better writers.


      Get better writers.


      That’s the biggest problem. This is no longer a meritocracy where good writers can earn their way to creating good stories. Everyone in the writers’ room these days are mostly there as part of identity politics hiring. Doesn’t matter how good you are. If you check a box, you get to be there and barf your garbage all over the page and call it art all because you fit in with the agenda. And the rest are probably there because of nepotism… >cough< JJ’s dumb ass kid >cough<.


      I was really pissed the first time that I saw Samuel Jackson play Nick Fury.  I haven’t read comics in a very long time, but back when I did, Fury was a white dude.

      The comics have been replacing characters with female characters for a VERY long time.  It started back when the motto was “Sex sells” and the idea was that teenage boys wanted to see more “BnB”.  Boobs and butt.  (Tho back then it was “TnA” tho I don’t wanna get toooooo lewd).

      Then, the SJWs took over, and it turned into “Strong female empowerment” and “Women are better than men”.   Which, honestly, they can have it.  They can burn it.  SJWs don’t buy that shtuff anyway, they pirate it online, those that actually read it.

      Marvel, and MCU (which I honestly never really liked a whole lot anyway) can burn.  They’re swirling down the drain, and just haven’t completely flushed yet.


      I wanna see a white man play black panther lol, I’m done with marvel after endgame, fuck phase 4 it will be full of diversity and sjw bs ..


      I would say that gender bending itself is not bad but the real issue is writing a quality character.  The character should stay true to the story line and have the same flaws and powers.  I think if they focused more on the foundation and building of the story and fleshed it out with details it would not be as big of a deal as it has become.  The quality of recent gender bending stories has been on par with bad fan fiction.  I think the best person to write something of this nature is someone who has both a passion and knowledge of the character they are bending.  If you don’t do you homework then you probably should not be writing for that character anyway no matter what gender your using.


      I think the best person to write something of this nature is someone who has both a passion and knowledge of the character they are bending. If you don’t do you homework then you probably should not be writing for that character anyway no matter what gender your using.


      That’s the rub. None of these dinks know the lore, have zero passion, and care nothing for what they are being hired to write. All they want to do is sloppy identity agenda stories with self inserts of themselves and their friends.


      Zero creativity, but they check all the boxes, so they get work.


        Someone who has passion and knowledge of the characters wouldn’t want to gender-bend them


        When it comes to legacy characters, I hate them. I hate derivative characters in general and I’d rather people just come up with new ideas rather than just slapping the name of a reestablished character on someone else. It’s also the same story every time. It’s literally just “I don’t know if i can live up to [insert name hero]’s legacy”. Once you get through that story, there’s really not much else for them to do. You can get a few good stories out of Dick Grayson as Batman, but the well’s gonna run dry pretty quick and then there will be nothing you can do with him as Batman that he couldn’t do as Nightwing. Marvel wants a more diverse line-up so they can get points from Twitter, but they know no one will buy their shitty characters on their own, so they just tokenize the old ones. That way, when the fans call them out for their bullshit, they can just pass them off as nazis and trolls.

        When it comes to race/gender swapping, it’s a different story. Now, I’m of the opinion that accuracy to the source material shouldn’t be judged when assessing a movie objectively. But, in my own personal opinions, I find that I enjoy a movie way more when it is accurate to the source material, mainly in the overall look of the film. So I stand by that the actors and actresses hired to portray these characters should look like the characters in the source material. Objectively, the look of the character doesn’t matter, for better or for worse (unless of course the setting or events requires them to look a certain way), but if you enjoy a movie more when characters who are white in the comics remain white in the movie and are disappointed if they are changed for no real reason, then you are entitled to express your disappointment. Also, can we just acknowledge that “The race of the character should be changed if they find a good actor” is a stupid argument. There are thousands of actors in Hollywood. You’re telling me they can’t find one person who looks like the character and can act?

        One more thing, I’ve said my part about how, objectively, the race doesn’t matter. However, I do stand against the double standard of race-bending. I’ve seen so many people who complain about a character being whitewashed, but as soon a white character is made black, they’re all for it. Michael B. Jordan can be Superman, but Jason Statham can’t be Blade, apparently? Now, I don’t want to see a white actor play a black character as much as I don’t want to see a black actor play a white character. I just want people to be consistent with their views. Is race/gender-bending okay or is it annoying? You can feel whichever way you want.


        Hypocrisy is a word SJWs do not understand. They view the world through relativism, ie. only what THEY deem relative to a conversation matters, facts and history be damned.


        We are talking basement IQs here, because that’s who useful idiots are, and all SJWs are useful idiots.


          It doesn’t bother me as much, especially since it’s nothing new to pass over the mantle to their proteges or another character that is close to the hero. I do feel that how it’s done should be in absolute care, with respect to the original character and the audience. They should make sure that people care about the upcoming character, otherwise, it just leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

          My main issue is when it’s shoehorned and just feels forced. They know it is, we know it is, and it’s just not good for anyone in the long run.


            I have to preface by saying I’m an incredibly picky person when it comes to the stuff I read/watch.

            I hate all gender/race swaps by default, be it a legacy character or an adaptation.

            Not because the character is bad, but because it’s inherently lazy and uncreative to me, because more often than not, there’s no real reason for the change beyond ‘diversity’ and the character’s story is boring.

            I despise gender swaps, because being a woman myself, having to replace a male character with a woman just tells me you don’t trust a female character to be popular without a male character’s popularity/franchise to boost her up. Same thing with race swaps tbh.

            There are some exceptions where I like race swapped character, but those are very rare. The only ones I can think of are Nick Fury from the MCU, Aquaman from the DCEU and Isaac from the Castlevania Neftlix show.

            I don’t care much for the ‘well their race/gender isn’t a relevant part of their story’ argument, because that doesn’t matter. Those characters were created a certain way, KEEP it that way, don’t change it just because ‘diversity’, at least give me an ACTUAL reason why you can’t work with the original character. Because that just tells me you’re a lazy creator and I shouldn’t waste my time with you.

            If you want more diversity, make new and interesting characters with fresh stories. I do it all the time (humble brag) and it’s really not that freaking hard. I love creating characters and giving them stories, so when I see characters I love being race/gender swapped for no good reason, it drives me nuts.


              For me, it depends on how iconic the character is.
              Race or gender swapping a character that no one cares about and making them awesome is cool.
              Making Copperhead a bad ass female in Arkham Origins was fine. Making Deadshot black is fine.
              Hell, Wonder Woman and Aquaman are race swapped in their mainstream movies and no one really cares.
              As long as you don’t center the character’s entire identity on the race or gender, it’s, usually, fine.

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