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      Aquaman is probably the best example of how it can work. But in general I think they are going out of there way to get rid of white male superheros. That’s the problem I have.


        Oh yeah, the reasoning behind it is dog shit but that’s a different conversation entirely.


          Honestly, i don’t think casting Gal Gadot and Jason Momoa as Wonder Woman and Aquaman counts as race swapping, they’re playing characters that are from different nationalities to theirs, but they still look like the comic versions of their characters, the only difference is Aquaman has blond hair in the comics

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            I published my new episode Batwoman and Batgirl – Race and Gender Swapping, please check it out


            And when you play spider-man on ps4 you have MarieSue Jane, the fugliest mj I ever seen

            yes. Morales is a race swapping in the way that shite of miles in spider-man in the spiderverse is the main character rather than petter parker


            And what comics books your talking about Eighties ? Before or after disney bought marvel ?


            Fuck Samuel, he is not Nick Fury, will never be, Nick Fury is a white man fuck marvel fuck disney


            But in the same time you accept Nick Dury race swapping 🤷🏻‍♂️


            Jason is far to be a white blond guy


              1) Miles isn’t race swapping, it’s legacy character, a different character with same set of powers as original, they didn’t just make Peter black

              2) C’mon @VenomBroly1993, Peter Parker has 2 (soon to be 3) live action movies in MCU and appears in 1 Cap and 2 Avengers movies, there’s nothing wrong with Miles getting his chance at being the lead in Spiderverse, as they didn’t crap all over Peter to elevate Miles 🕷🕷


              Miles has been introduce for pandering, if they killed Spider-man in his dimension the goal is to delete the original spider-man, so it is the same thing at the end

              MCU spider movies sucks


              i dont count it as a race or gender swap if its a character that actually exist, in the game their switching peter parker with miles morales, whos a well liked character to my knowlege, its not like their taking a character and just making them black, like jonny storm in fantastic 4 2015 that was a pure race swap.


              Damned straight.


              None too happy about it either. All of the white male characters are being pushed out. Which I guess means that the MCU is no longer made for me.


              You got the F4 and a eff-ton of Mutants headed to the MCU, they’re not gonna tinker with them all.

            Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 50 total)
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