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    The few songs I’ve written have been intended for Christian church worship, for congregations to sing.

    The video is pretty basic. It’s the lyrics set to a basic melody created on a program. So far, I’ve gotten only one song and video, but I have a few more songs I plan to do similar videos to as I get time.

    Here are the lyrics:

    Chief of sinners, such a title
    One I have so richly earned
    Every law that God has given
    I have broken, mangled, spurned

    Chief of sinners is what I am
    Nothing good I find in me
    All my sins have only earned me
    Death and Hell eternally

    Chief of sinners, yet not hopeless
    I will look to Calvary
    Jesus died to save poor sinners
    Even one as vile as me


    That is very good. I like the verses and the rhymes. I wish that would’ve really clicked for me. Congregations and churches. I went to see Chris Tomlin and I really love Lincoln Brewster, as that guy can really shred on the ax at a high level. He used to be in the band Journey, but left to become a pastor. He said being a rock star, he saw that when you are worshipped, it diminishes you and makes you egotistical and on a power trip. It was very interesting to listen to him talk about how his band mates got hooked on all kinds of things, so he went into gospel music full time. I still try to listen to some ministers.



      That is amazing!  Well done !


      The lyrics remind me of this song by “The Pretty Wreckless”. Although I like your lyrics better.


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      Here’s another.


      Come, you sinners, come to Calvary

      Come, repentant, sorrowful

      Come and see the crucified Christ

      Come to die upon this hill

      Christ the Lamb of God who suffered

      Christ who suffered for our sins

      Christ, God’s sacrifice, our Savior

      Christ whose blood your sins may cleanse


      Come, you saints, and run to Jesus

      Come, world weary and weighed down

      Come to Christ our Savior brother

      Come, his gospel is for you

      Though the world wage war against you

      Though your flesh may fail and fall

      Christ has overcome the world and

      He will keep us through our trials




      Anyone who keeps the faith in these times is an amazing person. Same with anyone who grows in faith despite all the adversity. Gospel musicians are the best ones. I miss that Hammond organ sound. Music is an odd thing in that it’s the simple and basic that reaches the masses. I’ve always tried to be respectful of religious people and their roots. I admire the missionaries. I still listen to them often because they’ve tried to replace it with bread and circuses and it just is not a very good experience whereas the people that go to those religious camps seem to have something that endures. One thing that always struck me about the gospel musician is how much rock and other music ripped from gospel and the religious people never got upset and never cried about cultural appropriation. They just wished the artists are better life.


      “I still listen to them often because they’ve tried to replace it with bread and circuses and it just is not a very good experience…”

      Yeah, I think I’ve noticed that, too. A lot of churches, especially very popular ones, have become more about show than substance.

      Is this the kind of gospel music you like?


      Not my type, but she is good. I will post a Hammond organ. I also like the red-haired lady on youtube who plays old gospel. I did not grow up with gospel music, that came later. Grew up with normal singing. That lady you posted reminded me of an old revival I saw, but can’t find it. The pastor brought up this black lady and said she was a mute. He performed his healing miracle and she started singing. It was quite funny. Pure showmanship, but I loved it. Real good quality gospel music is something I missed out on. That’s why I like to explore roots in gospel music from the country. It’s so positive.

      I vaguely pay attention, but I heard that Ray Charles, Little Richard and others ripped a lot of their songs directly from gospel. Same with Elvis, which comes as no real surprise, as he had Graceland.


      I think I’ve heard that kind of playing, but likely more with a synth than with an organ. I’m not a fan of T.D. Jakes, but he has someone play while he preaches, and others who have been influenced by him do the same.

      The video I posted early was “gospel blues”. I didn’t know there was such a category, but I’d heard some of it before. Quite a few years ago, I checked out a disc of songs by Rev. Gary David from a library.


      Sean Feucht was smart. During the lockdown, he jumped and started a tour called Let Us Worship. I had never heard of him before. Normally, I will sometimes listen to Air1 or KSOS. Hillsong, Tomlin, Brewster and some others I know, but never this guy. Shows you that timing matters and what stance you take.

      The only reason I’m really posting this is because there is a lesson in the timing of action. They showed up without masks. This amused me greatly that a Jesus bible-thumper would have a spirit of freedom and liberty when all the “hardcore” artists were sheep and lemmings and doing whatever the state and corporate told them to like little sissy submissives.

      During the later half of 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic was ongoing, Feucht arranged worship concerts across the United States that drew crowds of thousands to protest government restrictions on people gathering during COVID-19 lockdowns. His posts were shared by senator Josh Hawley who stated “Cancel culture meets #BigTech. Now @instagram is censoring a Christian worship leader who wants to post videos of praise and worship from places where there has recently been unrest.”


      I picked up a disc of singing from the Together For The Gospel conferences a couple of years ago, and liked it a lot. Even picked up another recording later on.

      Having said that, the ministry behind TFTG, Sovereign Grace, has had its own scandals, and I’ll admit that’s tainted even these recordings for me.


      Thanks for posting. Sounds wonderful and I like the picture, too. Wish I would’ve been part of something like that in life. Massive worship. Good choir fellowship.

      Here’s the lady I was talking about. She plays hymns on piano. I guess she’s doing a live now, but here’s a past video.

      Natalie Raynes Music


      Pretty good. They play with skill.

      One thing I’ve learned in the past few years that’s surprised me is that there are some very good Christian rappers. Not just that they rap well, but their lyrics are filled with good content.

      Here’s one more video. It’s a preacher, Paul Washer, speaking at a gathering of Christian rappers. His words are encouraging and also cautioning.


      Rap is the number one musical category now. Glad to see and hear that rappers are doing gospel content. There is infinite content for rappers and song writers in the sermons of the past. I like listening to ministers and preachers but if songwriters can take the message and the points and put them in song form, that is genius art communication. I used to be a huge music junkie. I was way into it. “Hiphop and R&B” was what everyone used to say. It was the standard when I was growing up. Metal, rock and all that. Listened to it all. At my age, I went back to classical and jazz. Only reason was because I found that too much TV in my youth lead me to be too easily persuaded and influenced by messages and I find lyrics very distracting, so I went back to my roots of instrumental music. Musicians that can actually play.

      Hiphop is the number one consumed music now. I learned that the other day as people were talking about the Travis Scott stampede, where fans lost their lives to needles, heart attacks and being trampled. This is something you won’t see happen at a gospel concert. It won’t happen with preacher rappers either. I left thug life rap behind a long time ago. Any music that leads to violence and chaos is something I want nothing to do with. The youth are strong, so they thing they can take it, but clearly, no anymore. For example, I felt the same way about Guns and Roses. Anything that leads to riots is not for me. There may be times when strength in numbers and the power of the mob is necessary, but not for entertainment purposes or music.

      Thanks for posting gospel music and preaching. I do not go to church anymore. I wish I would have been more religious and done it regularly throughout the course of life.


      This is a song of repentance of sins, for breaking God’s commands.


      O make me clean of all my sins

      Of when I’ve broken your commands

      Where once I was your enemy

      I beg you now, please make me clean


      O make me clean from all my greed

      When I don’t care what others need

      And selfishly grasp what I want

      From all of this, please make me clean


      O make me clean from all envy

      When I my neighbor’s blessings see

      When I resent what they have gained

      From all of this, please make me clean


      O make me clean from all my fears

      When I would doubt your promises

      And not believe you’ll meet my needs

      From all of this, please make me clean


      O make me clean from all my pride

      When I would lift myself on high

      And treat others as small and mean

      From all of this, please make me clean


      I should also mention that I’m making the melodies for these videos using the software Sibelius.


      I did get a bit into rap back in the 90s, when DC Talk was very popular. Also liked the early Linkin Park, before someone told them that they could cuss. Now, I sometimes listen to Shai Linne, or watch some reaction videos to NF. But I guess if I have a favorite kind of music, it’s electronic music. Not the dance type of music, or the droning ambient, but something between those two, something usually calm and a bit laid back but with a beat to it. And most of it has no singing or lyrics.

      I’ve struggled with church for several years. A lot of churches seems to think they need to focus more on entertainment then anything else. I’ve seen preachers who think that they need to shout and stomp around, and others who seem like they think they are in a comedy club instead of a church. Actually read a book where the author tried to say the church should be like a car dealership, and another book saying the church should be like McDonalds.

      I don’t think those struggles are ideal. I’m not sure I buy the cliche “There are no Lone Ranger Christians”, but there is a sense in which Christians need each other. I’ve been happy to find some Christian groups on social media, that’s been a help, though I stop short of thinking they are a substitute for a church at a physical location. On the other hand, I’m coming to the opinion that “no church” is still better than “bad church”.

      This may seem strange, but the most comforting thing I’ve learned is sound biblical doctrine. It may seem negative at first, since a lot of it is about sin and punishment and death and Hell and my helplessness to save myself, but in a way it’s good to see the reality of who I am. And it doesn’t end with the negative, but there is the positive of Christ’s life and his sacrificial death for our sins. Because of Christ, I don’t have to rely on myself, and I shouldn’t rely on myself, because I know how weak and unreliable I am. And knowing all that, I can try to do good works, not to win God’s love and favor but because I already have his love and favor, and not because God needs me to do good works for him but because the people around me need them.


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