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    When all my ways are filled with joy

    And all the best of life

    When everything is bright and fair

    My only hope is Christ


    When I have seen the man I am

    Who cannot do what’s right

    When I have known my depth of sin

    My only hope is Christ


    When all the world grows dark and grim

    And filled with war and strife

    When sin should strike my body sore

    My only hope is Christ


    When all the world stands against God

    And says that dark is light

    And seeks to silence His children

    My only hope is Christ


    When all my life has run its course

    And I lie down to die

    And when I stand before my Judge

    My only hope is Christ


    Behold the Lamb of God

    Who takes away our sins

    The holy, sinless sacrifice

    To win man’s salvation


    For God so loved the world

    That His Son He has giv’n

    That wretched sinners He may save

    And make them fit for Heav’n


    See now the cruel cross

    Where Christ suffered and died

    Where Jesus shed His blood to save

    A sinner such as I


    Behold our risen Lord

    Clear victor over death

    Who now sits at His Father’s side

    And soon will come again


    Though all the world will wage

    And plot against our God

    In vain they scheme against their Lord

    Their plans cannot but fall


    And though His children here

    Are poor and weak and low

    Their hearts and treasures are in Heav’n

    Where is their one true home


    Not bad.


    It’s been a while, sorry.

    Jesus Christ is Lord

    Over all nations

    King of Kings and Lord of Lords

    His kingdom has no end


    Jesus Christ is Lord

    Over Creation

    Fields of earth and fields of stars

    Are upheld by His word


    Jesus Christ is Lord

    Over all mankind

    All authority is His

    On earth and in heaven


    Jesus Christ is Lord

    Most holy of all

    Evil may not dwell with Him

    And those who boast shall fall


    Jesus Christ is Lord

    Full of love and grace

    He died to forgive man’s sins

    And give eternal life


    Jesus Christ is Lord

    Every knee shall bow

    And all man shall speak the truth

    That Jesus Christ is Lord


    I have

    Nothing good to offer

    Nothing I can give You

    Of worth

    I have

    Nothing good inside me

    Nothing I can hope You’ll



    You are

    The One who seeks and saves us

    The One who finds the sheep who


    You are

    The Lamb of God who came to

    Take away the sins of

    The world


    I need

    You to come and find me

    You to come and wash me

    From sins

    I need

    You to come redeem me

    You to come and save me

    From Hell


      Awesome stuff Audie.


      Jesus is a great Savior

      For a sinner great as I

      For someone who’s broken God’s laws

      Broken them, oh, countless times

      But in mercy and divine love

      God has sent His only Son

      Christ our Lord, the Lamb of God who

      Takes away the sins of men


      Jesus is a great Savior

      For a world of sinners great

      For a world of people who have

      Reviled God with all their hate

      For the godless Jesus suffered

      For His enemies He died

      That to sinners who have earned death

      He may give eternal life


      All who are weary, come

      All who are burden’d, come

      All who are crushed by the

      Weight of your sins

      Come to Jesus


      All who are guilty, come

      All who are condemn’d, come

      Christ has died to forgive

      All of your sins

      Come to Jesus


      All who are sinful, come

      All who are rebels, come

      No one who comes to Him

      Will He cast out

      Come to Jesus


      God will not forsake His children

      He will not reject His own

      Though the world may cause them troubles

      They are still safe in His hand


      Though the wicked seem to prosper

      It is only for a time

      For the wealth they gain through evil

      Will not prosper when they die


      When it goes well with the righteous

      Then the land is blessed with good

      But by the lies of the wicked

      Is the city over thrown


      Oh, that men would love righteousness

      And be blameless in their ways

      Oh, that we would turn and repent

      Of our lusts and arrogance


      But as men once rejected Christ

      Because their deeds were evil

      So now men still do wickedness

      For their hearts are evil filled


      Now as farmers reap a harvest

      From the seeds that they have sown

      So in our sins we have filled the

      World with disease, pain, and woe


      In these days men only grow worse

      For they love lies more than truth

      Come, Lord Jesus, all the saints

      Await and long and yearn for You



      From day to day

      God’s provision

      Tells of His great care for us

      Food and water

      From the rain He

      Gives to evil men and just


      Sun and moon and

      All the stars God

      Made to declare His glory

      Trees and oceans

      mountains, canyons,

      They all show His majesty


      And the greatest

      Gift God’s given

      Is the death of Christ for men

      Jesus came to

      Die and save those

      Who were lost and dead in sin


      God’s blessings are

      Rich and many

      All good things have come from Him

      Be humble and

      Be grateful for

      All the blessings God has giv’n

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