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    God’s word alone is our sure source

    For all he says to us

    No other prophet, sage, or voice

    Is worthy of such trust


    By grace alone we have been saved

    And redeemed from the fall

    It is not wage, but holy gift

    Wholly the work of God


    Through faith alone is God well pleased

    With any work we do

    Without such faith our works are filth

    Polluted through and through


    In Christ alone and his gospel

    God tells us to be believe

    His sinless life, his sacrifice,

    His rising from the grave


    The glory of our God alone

    Should be our highest goal

    Our holy, holy, holy God

    reigns supreme over all


    Shall I

    Shall I, the beggar, claim that I

    Have put God in my debt?

    Shall I forget that all my sins

    Have earned me Hell and death?


    Shall I, the helpless, hope that all

    My works will make me clean?

    Shall I forget that my best works

    Are filthy with my sins?


    Shall I, the rebel, brag that I

    Am worthy of God’s love?

    Shall I forget my sins make me

    An object of his wrath?


    So I, the sinner, only hope

    In Christ, who died for sins

    No faith I have in my own works

    All faith I have in him


    Good News


    Hear good news, blessed news

    News for Gentiles and Jews

    God has promised, and did what he said

    As the time when he spoke

    To the serpent this curse

    That the woman’s seed would crush his head


    Abraham on the mount

    Offered Isaac his son

    But the boy was replaced by the ram

    And the angel of death

    Spared the first born when he

    Saw the blood of the Passover lamb


    Then the Son of God was

    Virgin-born in this world

    The Messiah who was prophesied

    Like that lamb, he was slain

    Like the ram, in our place

    Jesus Christ, on the cross crucified


    Hear good news, news divine

    Though a rebel was I

    Dead in sins, foe of God, and condemned

    Yet did God sacrifice

    His beloved Son’s life

    Now this sinful man is saved in him


    Music created using Sibelius.


    Really is like reading verses out of the book itself. Makes me calm. You have a gift.




    God be merciful to me


    God be merciful to me

    A weak and helpless man

    For all my works I count as good

    Are only filled with sin

    But Christ, the sinless Son of Man

    Fulfilled your laws’ demands

    If I should trust in my own deeds

    I’d only be condemned


    God forgive me of my sins

    They are too great to tell

    If I should bear them long then they

    Will drag me down to Hell

    But Christ for sins was sacrificed

    The Lamb of God was slain

    For I have sinned, but now I beg

    Please wash and make me clean


    God please show your grace to me

    My faith is small and frail

    I know that you are faithful, yet

    I still fear you will fail

    But Christ is strong, and he is true

    He will not lose his own

    Your promises are sure, so I

    Will trust in Christ alone


    If you might think this song would be good for your church’s worship, here’s the deal: I don’t really care what changes you make to the music, but don’t change the lyrics.

    Music created using Sibelius.

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    All the ways man has created

    All the paths man has laid down

    All the roads man has constructed

    To raise himself up to God

    Though the wise have shared their insights

    Though the priests spoke for their gods

    Still their efforts left man helpless

    They could not complete the goal


    If our works are only futile

    If our efforts only vain

    Then we are indeed but hopeless

    We would remain lost in sin

    If we cannot reach up to God

    Then pray God reach down to us

    If we cannot rescue ourselves

    Then pray God to rescue us


    Jesus Christ who suffered and died

    Jesus Christ the crucified

    This gospel the wise call foolish

    Something they only deny

    But it is the power of God

    For his children’s salvation

    Put no faith in your good deeds but

    Put your faith in Christ alone


    This one is a bit different from earlier songs. I don’t think it’s more “important”, but maybe “current” is a better word. It’s a song addressing the church itself, and it’s a rather negative song, too, though not without a measure of hope.


    Gather, Saints

    Gather, saints, gather, come repent and mourn

    Gather, be sober of mind

    Lay aside all of your garments of mirth

    They are unfit for these times


    Dark is the world as it revels in sin

    Dark is the soul that rebels

    Dark is the heart as it boasts in its shame

    Calling good what is evil


    Yet now the church craves the applause of men

    They would serve two different lords

    But they have turned their backs on their Savior

    While they are wooing the world


    Dark is the pulpit where Christ is not ignored

    Where preaching is made a game

    Dark is the church where the holy is mocked

    And where the Word is profaned


    Trust not in princes for they will but fail

    Trust not in leaders who boast

    Trust not in those who would flatter your ears

    Feeding your pride and self-trust


    Those who are friends with the world should not think

    They are still friends of our God

    Come, church, remember who is your true Lord

    And return to your first love


    Music created using Sibelius.

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    Who Can Save Me?

    Oh wretched man that I am
    Oh sinful man that I am
    Who can save me?
    Who can save me?

    I am filled with pride and envy
    And my heart is dark and selfish
    Who can save me?
    Who can save me?

    All of my good deeds are
    Filthy in my sins
    If God judged be works I’d
    Stand lost and condemned

    Jesus Christ, who suffered and died
    The Lamb of God was sacrificed
    He can save me
    He can save me

    Set aside your pride and doubting
    Come repenting and believe
    Christ can save you
    Christ can save you

    If you might think this song would be good for your church’s worship, here’s the deal: I don’t really care what changes you make to the music, but don’t change the lyrics.

    Music created using Sibelius.


    Holy, holy, holy Lord

    God is most holy

    Nothing evil, nothing vile

    Can be found in Him

    God is perfect, wholly pure

    He stands above all

    Angels ever sing His praise

    Men before Him fall


    God is holy and demands

    We must be like Him

    “Be holy” and “Be perfect”

    Are His great commands

    Man in Eden was perfect

    And God walked with them

    But such fellowship was lost

    When man fell in sin


    God is holy in justice

    His degrees are good

    He has given us His rules

    And obey we should

    But we have broken His laws

    Since Adam’s great fall

    Justice demands punishment

    Death and Hell for all


    God is holy in mercy

    Showing grace to all

    Sin demands full payment and

    God had paid in full

    The wages of sin is death

    Hell is what we’ve earned

    But God has so loved the world

    That He gave His Son


    God is holy in His love

    Holy in His grace

    Justice will be satisfied

    Mercy free to save

    Jesus Christ who bore our sins

    And was crucified

    Freely offers forgiveness

    And eternal life

    This one was a bit trick. Guess I was trying to say a lot in a limited amount of words. I hope it came out well, and says what needed to be said.


    Do not be conformed
    To this world’s vain measures
    Do not set your heart
    On this world’s vain treasures
    All the world’s rewards
    All are vain and worthless
    Death will come for us
    And they will be useless

    We were of this world
    Chasing vain achievements
    All our life was spent
    Craving vain amusements
    Selfish and evil
    Slaves of lust and passions
    Hurrying to death
    Hell our destination

    Christ has made us new
    God’s children, no longer
    Live as slaves to sin
    To vain lusts and passions
    Be people of grace
    Generous and humble
    Pure in all our ways
    Self-controlled and truthful


    Love it. Anyone who keeps the faith these days is a strong person. I like the form and structure of the lyrical messages.


    He did not come to condemn the world
    But that the world might be saved
    He did not come to bring fire and wrath
    No, Jesus came to save sinners

    He came because God so loved the world
    He came to seek and to save
    He came because we like sheep had strayed
    Yes, Jesus came to save sinners

    He came to make us clean from our sins
    He came to be crucified
    He came to die as a sacrifice
    Yes, Jesus came to save sinners

    Soon He’ll return as the Lord of Lords
    He’ll return to judge the world
    So now repent and believe God’s Son
    For Jesus came to save sinners


    Jesus reigns above the heavens

    King of Kings and Lord of Lords

    Very God, Lord of Creation

    Ruler over all the world

    Yet He has come down to this earth

    Taking on the flesh of man

    Walked among us as a servant

    Fully man, but without sin


    Jesus by His words created

    Earth and sun and all that is

    They were made for His good pleasure

    And by right they are all His

    Yet for man, who chose to rebel,

    Jesus came to bleed and die

    He, the Lamb of God, became the

    Willing, divine sacrifice


    Jesus is holy and perfect

    Worthy of worship and praise

    Worthy of our highest service

    And submission all our days

    Yet He came and suffered torments

    Mocked and scourged and crucified

    As a lamb is led to slaughter

    By His Father’s will He died


    Jesus sits as judge of all men

    All our deeds are known to him

    All mankind has broken God’s laws

    And we are justly condemned

    Yet He is the friend of sinners

    He died for His enemies

    Grace and salvation He offers

    To sinners who will believe


    Something new, with a more modern feel to it.

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