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      What music, new or old, moves you?






        lol and I always liked that song and it’s been in a thousand movies.

        Here is another one from me.


        And this…which admittedly can be interpreted in a couple ways…


        Definitely like that Shinedown. Winds of Change by Scorpions was huge once in my life and I heard the CIA wrote that song to reconcile Germany and Russia when the wall fell. It was to commemorate the end of the Cold War.

        Only recently did I start listening to gospel just because everything else went so woke and negative and I pretty much ditched it all. Was going to start a gospel music thread at one time, but didn’t want to go cray.


        One of the greatest voices of all time…


        The band should have been as big as Carlos Santana. Kind of could describe the music as gospel salsa? I just liked them in passing, but every year, they get better with age, in retrospect.

        A friend of mine was a fan of a singer named Jaci Velasquez, who has a song called “Un Lugar Celestial.” She had a divorce and I just learned she actually married Nic Gonzales of Salvador. After thinking about how they are like Santana, maybe Jaci should have been a gospel cumbia singer like Selena.

        Anyway, I didn’t appreciate this band enough when I heard them. I used to be really into salsa, so I just love the sound.


        Make that change…


        Here are a couple of songs.


        Come what may, we’re survivors!



        Lately, been listening to songs from any genre that capture some kind of positive message and one of living. This one really gets me.

        because of its message of optimism and focus on perseverance. “In our world today, we could use more positivity,” reflects Johnson.

        It is interesting that this is his interpretation of the song, because I see it different. He sings about all the things one is able to do…until they can’t. It’s about seizing the moment and taking the chance now. One of the lies people will say to you is, “you’ve got time.” Wrong. Would say you have your 20s and that’s it.


        Powerful and inspirational…


        That Irene Cara might be the most inspirational song ever made. I don’t care if you are the epitome of manliness, when that song comes on, you become a maniac on the dance floor!!

        A buddy of mine always said Whitney Houston had the voice of an angel, but that was a loss for us. It begs the question when is the time to stage an intervention? That does interfere with freedom though and I know a lot of people are told that if they mess up and do wrong, that they are on their own.


        Basic choice but I’ll say Eminem’s Mockingbird. My first ever album bought was an Em album so he has a special place in my heart and Mockingbird is just perfection, especially considering where his life was at when releasing the Encore album. At that time he was all drugged up and released a shit album after his threepeat album success, with most of the songs being corny poop and dick humor but Mockingbird he wrote fully sober and is one of his greatest songs ever


        Can’t say any song ever moved me, but melodies do.

        Beethoven’s 7th is probably my favorite.

        Smetana’s Vlatava

        Some of the more modern ones like Vaughan Williams or Wagner are also great, and you may recognize them from various movies

        Basically I love violins (and also play)

      Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 69 total)
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