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    There is nothing better than classical. I got hooked on classical hard. Can’t get enough of it. It puts me in an altered state, like I am in another realm. Non-lyrical music helps expand the mind. I really envy any of you who stuck with your musical instrument for life.

    This next one sounds like an Irish slave song of Indentured Servitude. He sings about working in the fields and the weeds and the crops and the land, but it is all symbolic and metaphorical for something else.


    Hopeful and empowering…one of my favorites.



      “Hiphop and R&B” was the mantra growing up when I was a kid. I can honestly say I moved on from both and hardly listen to either one anymore, unless it has a message. All genres have their moments, but eventually, it seems like the medium is hijacked to mess people up.

      Since hiphop was mentioned:

      Michael Jackson was posted. It was predicted that he would be a fad. That newer generations would not listen to him, but you have that guy The Weekend who clearly copped MJ’s style. I think that is a good thing if younger artists can emulate the vocal sound of a legend. In the gospel world, there is a guy who kind of has the MJ tone named Tauren Wells.



      song is going viral right now.

      In his acoustic session of “Rich Men North of Richmond,” he tells the story of a working-class man fed up with corporate America and more specifically, the politicians in Washington DC, and the game that executives expect the character to play.

      It sends the message of a giant middle finger to the powers that be from an employee just trying to make it by.

      “I’ve been selling my soul
      Working all-day
      Overtime hours, bullshit pay
      So I can sit out here
      And waste my life away…”

      The conviction he sings each word with is incredible,


        @comicsgate : Sometimes the most simple thing has the most power. This guys song is four chords, the same four chords hear 1000000 times before in songs.

        But the message and meaning behind his words makes this song powerful.


          I heard “Rich Men North of Richmond” a few days ago.

          The song is wonderful in sound and message. Actually everyone should check out that entire channel, it’s full of talented people.

          But I wanted to point out to everyone what’s NOT in the song and how the message comes through without it because that does not apply to the message.

          Notice in the song their is no mention of political parties or ideological “teams”.

          I find what’s not in the song as meaningful as what is.

          Again, check out the channel itself as well.


          @DarthVengeant Yes, an he’s playing a dobro, which is a resonator, and not even really a guitar, as a friend of mine informed me. A lot of reactors said the guy’s voice really stood out. Like you said, “message and meaning.” The competition does not have that. The entertainment industry may as well already be A.I. because it is mass produced quantity of the same bland, fluff, bubblegum nonsense of consumerism. I saw some headline that Late Night talk shows went on hiatus for 3 months and no one noticed? I don’t know if it was a real headline or not because I stopped watching a long time ago because they are all the same. They speak the same. Same jokes, same stars. Admittedly, I used to watch it all, but years ago.

          The entertainment industry lost it’s connection to real issues and real people and real substance, so when something like this or Sound of Freedom comes along with no overhead and no advertising budget and makes a statement, it adds to the impact when the industry gets triggered by it. You see the selfishness of the industry and how much they hate competition and despise anyone else who gets a little taste of success. What makes it twice as powerful is to see the privileged media class get mad. As with the Jason Aldean song, the more simple and basic the verses are, the more of an impact it has because it’s very direct, very plain and very honest. It does not need CGI or A.I. or fireworks, because it’s not trying to bamboozle you with sound and fury. There’s no Industrial Light and Magic with these guys.



          This series has some of the most beautiful music ever composed. Mhysa is one of the best; listening to it is almost a spiritual experience.



          I luv me a happy song.



          I searched the world
          But it couldn’t fill me
          Man’s empty praise
          And treasures that fade
          Are never enough


          Is anyone here prepared to say
          Just what they mean or is it too late?
          For anyone here to try to do
          Just what it takes to get through to you

          Strangle my hope and make me pray
          To a God I’ve never seen, but who I betray
          To the people who live the after life
          In a place I’ll never be till I’m crucified

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