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    That’s a good one.


    A bit misty eyed. Dammit.
    Mandisa. Dead at 47.
    Cause of Death “unknown.”

    She wrote this song about a friend of hers that had cancer. The friend died though. She felt guilty every time because song was a hit and she won a Dove award for it.

    Just gutted right now.



    Still reminiscing on Mandisa. Really liked her positive music. Too bad the video was woke. Can’t even listen to music I like without some media or political figure making it all about themselves in selfish fashion. Can see why anyone would be turned off by that.

    Heard some gossip and fake news about this next song, I think. The rumor I heard was that she wrote it to be a jingle for Snuggie, but since they didn’t bite, she just re-wrote it as a Christian song. A troll probably floated that idea virus, but it made me laugh.

    Definitely has that Irie vibe to it.





    Can’t even find like a good song any more on those modern Song Contest shows.
    I don’t think I ever saw this movie, but the song stayed with me. Don’t listen to it normally, but it’s a weird thing when one I never listen to pops into the head.

    Arthur is a 30-year-old child who will inherit $750 million if he complies with his family’s demands and marries the woman of their choosing.



    Refugee buddy of mine told me this was the only concert he ever saw. He said it was a random Fourth of July in St. Louis, so they went to the park to have a few beers and JB was no further than 40 ft. away.
    He said the singer came out in a long slide and that he could not stop staring at his shoes, wondering how he slid like that. He said when they finally played Living In America, the roof came down and people went crazy.
    Afterwards, he said he turned around and saw tens of thousands of people. Just a sea of heads and faces. All on a random road trip.



Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 61 total)
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