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      Which Star Wars EU (Legends) book or books are your favorites? Mine is The Thrawn Trilogy.


      Had the first three books Jedi Prince series.


      I like several, but to pick I’d have to say the Jedi Academy trilogy because Jedi Search was the first Star Wars book I ever read and opened up the EU floodgates.


      A bit controversial, I think, but the New Jedi Order series. A new war against a new enemy, one that the Jedi are in no way prepared for despite their newfound strength and prestige throughout the galaxy, and one that is immune to the Jedi’s greatest ally, the Force! The Vong scared the crap out of me and the book is full of badass and memorable moments leaving you wondering when we left Star Wars and started venturing into 40k!


      It’s been awhile, but the Thrawn trilogy sounds like a good contender.


      Hey guys I’ve been searching for a good set of audio Books to listen to I’ve really enjoyed books like Dune, Starship troopers, and Hell Divers any suggestions would be great my appreciated


      Probably either the thrawn triology or James lucenos Darth plagueis. That book ties together pretty much everything in the EU perfectly. Also love most things except the jedi academy triology 


      <p style=”text-align: left;”>In terms of Star wars I would recommend starting with the Timothy zahn thrawn triology, or the Darth bane triology, depending what interests you more and then either if you read the thrawn triology going into NJO, or if you chose Darth bane reading plagueis</p>


      Republic Commando hands down!

      Just started re reading them again! :D


        I’m reading NJO right now


        I’m new to the Star Wars EU. I just finished Heir to the Empire. Now I’m starting Dark Force Rising.


        The Darth Bane Trilogy has always been a favorite of mine – the first book is excellent.

        The three big EU series from New Jedi Order to Legacy of the Force to Fate of the Jedi have always been interesting to me as well. The continuity is decent, characters are developed very well over time, etc. Waaay better than the Disney Trilogy.


        I’m gonna punt and say I just love it all. I picked up Thrawn Trilogy when book 2 came out in 1995, and I never looked back. My favorites have jumped all around through out the years, since I ended up picking each one up as it came out. Opinions changed through out time, since for a while lots of books came out out of chronological order before New Jedi Order started. Perfect example is Crystal Star takes place after Planet of Twilight, but it came out years before. That one makes so much more sense when you complete that particular trilogy.

        But if I had to pick an all time favorite…..Courtship of Princess Leia. With the exception of the consistent mistake of having Luke’s lightsaber be blue and not green, I just love everything about that book. Even the cheesy line “Kiss my wookie!”

        The saddest thing is that I lost my 1st edition a long time ago due to multiple moves and a changes in my family which left the box it was in somewhere in a quansit hut in FL. Such was the fate of half my pre-NJO 1st editions…including my original Zhan Trilogy.


        You’re going to have fun. Just be prepared to be sad at times.


        You are at the beginning of a wonderful time, my friend.

        When you are done, I suggest going “back in time” and reading Truce at Bakara then Courtship of Princess Leia. That as how we did it back in the day when it all started.

      Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 66 total)
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