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    I have to second the Vong war. You know when they start off the first book of a 19 book run with such a memorable ending it would be powerful.
    Actually everything after that is always building forward and expanding lore.


    The Karen Travis clone books are fantastic.


    Legacy of the Force is my favourite series


    Like many others I got into the old Expanded Universe by reading the Thrawn Trilogy so I always think of that when thinking about it in general. The problem I had with the Expanded Universe was whenever I read a book I didn’t like such as The Courtship of Princess Leia or Rogue Planet it would suddenly turn out to be important in future major story arcs.



    Hmm, I don’t have favorite yet, because I just started reading some books. I started with “Darth Plagueis”, “Dark Lord” trilogy and “Kenobi”. All of them were actually good, can’t pick one, but if I must then I guess trilogy and from that Revenge of the Sith, I wish that was a movie haha. Just finished playing Force Unleashed game. which was ok……….. I noticed there is novelization which is part of EU, is it any good? Does anybody know? Been thinking if its worth reading. Gonna play second game next and then move to Thrawn Trilogy. Yea, I am going a bit chronologically, haha.


    Make sure you read Shadows of the Empire, since you are going semi-chronoligical. It’s a fun one.

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    Marvelite is spot on! Thrawn Trilogy continues the story of our heroes after Return of the Jedi. Darth Bane is for the dark fans who want to read about some awesome evil Sith machinations. I enjoy both for different reasons.


    Nice! Enjoy the journey!

    I don’t know what the etiquette is, but I literally published a review of Dark Force Rising on my little YouTube Channel today. When you finish the book, give it a watch! May the Force be with you!

    EDIT: Didn’t know the link would look that large, if G+G has an issue, let me know. “I’m just a simple man trying to make my way in the universe.”


    One of my best friends talks about that all the time. I’m looking forward to reading as I journey through the EU.

    May the Force be with you!


      I will forever he disappointed that Disney bought Star Wars before the Fate of the Jedi series ended. Things were getting real interesting with Luke and Ben (Skywalker… LUKE’S son from the EU) having to deal with Abeloth.


      Fate of the Jedi did end with Apocalypse. Crucible was the last official EU book. The timeline was set to continue with a Jaina centric trilogy called Sword of the Jedi. That was when Disney killed our dreams.

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      Thrawn Trilogy would be my top pick.

      I wanted to give Big Ups to Ryan from RK outpost for turning me on to a list of other titles!

      This dude is a legend when it comes to EU titles and lore.


      So many to choose from. Courtship of Princess Leia holds a special place for me as it was the book I was reading in class on the day my first girlfriend came over and introduced herself (that book was her personal favorite). Even though our relationship ended badly, we became friends through Star Wars and our circle grew and I eventually met my wife through her.

      Ghosts of Tatooine is another one that I enjoyed as throughout the book, Leia kept finding connections to Anakin’s life before he became Vader and she had to reconcile her experiences with Vader during the Rebellion and who he was before his fall to the Dark Side.

      Honestly, there were so many great stories in the original EU that I read during the late 90s that any time that I read them, memories of a much calmer, simpler time in my life (I was in high school) come flooding back.


      Im still pissed that we didnt get Sword of the jedi. That was going to be some good connecting material between the EU books and the comics that were 150something years in the future.

      I also wanted some kind of conclusion to the Ben / Vestara story arc. He was really making progress on changing her mindset before she let her upbringing take over.


      I was always holding out for the Legacy era to be novelized, which is why I never read the comics. All Disney had to do was jump to that era. You did not need to be an EU aficionado to leap into that part of the storyline. It would have been perfect. Everyone would have been happy.

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