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    Legacy was the comic run name right? If they had done that and not used any of the old characters a good half of my complaints wouldnt exist.


    Exactly. The adventures of Cade Skywalker are still something I want to experience. The only original character I know appears is Force Ghost Luke. This kind of move would have been the smartest business decision. This era is so far removed from the OT/PT and the bulk of the EU that it would have been an easy way to ease non EU readers into the series while appeasing EU folks.


    And since the world is so fond of telling stories that happened before something, they could have easily animated all the EU content before if it was successful, because there would have been a demand to know what happened before.


    Such an easy path to take. But no…agenda and the use of untalented pieces of shit like Jar Jar Abrams was the path chosen. So here we are.

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    If said for years that the Thrawn trilogy should have been animated and turned into the basis for the launch point for Vector prime being EP7.

    I dont disagree with the Cade story. I never put any attention to the comics so it wouldnt be as jarring to me.


    I’m now on chapter 5 of ‘Dark Force Rising’. It’s very good


    Do you happen to have a copy of that EU list? I’m new to the EU as well


    Do you have a copy of that EU list?


      Jedi Academy comes next


      Technically, Dark Empire happens next.

      But I would go back and read Truce and Bakara then The Courtship of Princess Leia. Then you can go back to the Jedi Academy Trilogy and follow everything chronologically.

      I really suggest you go to wiki or wookiepedia and find a list, because you don’t want to read Crystal Star before Children of the Jedi, Dark Saber, and Planet of Twilight like those of us who were following it all as it came out. They did some silly stuff back then of releasing the stories out of order, so when we all read Crystal Star Luke’s “issues” made no sense until you read the Barbra Hambly trilogy.


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      Okay. Ryan hits it on the nose…..more Disney raping of Star Wars.

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      Ryan hits it on the nose. This is dog shit. More Disney raping of Star Wars.


      okay…what am I doing wrong? the video frame appears in the pre-post, but not in the actual post.


      EDIT: okay, just use the code link without any extra stuff.

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      I encountered something like this earlier. Try cutting the text and moving it to above the link then leave a space below the text to put the link in.


        It all started with Shadows of the Empire man. The soundtrack is even awesome.

        So many good books though. I have listened to most all the “Legends” books on audiobook form. Mark Thompson really deserves more credit than he gets for his great voice work.

        New Jedi Order series, Legacy of the Force series, Fate of the Jedi series. All those are 10 times better than the new Disney movies.

        I really loved Vestara Khai and the Sith who were trapped on Kesh for a long time. Her relationship with Ben Skywalker was really something that would have been great on screen.

        Luke and Abeloth was great as well. When Luke was on Coruscant during the Vong invasion sneaking around, that was great. Luke being banned and shunned from the Republic was always upsetting to me.

        Jacen and Jaina, all the stuff they went through and fought to the death in the end. 1000000 times better than the Disney movies.

        Mara Jade will forever be missed!

        And one of my all time favorite character Tahiri Velia. How awesome she would have been in movies. Her character arch was so good.


        3223D100-6207-4392-8152-116C7EFA3247I just got another Star Wars book. Thanks to Ryan for getting me into the Star Wars EU


        I will always treat the EU I grew up with value and care. I don’t care if it’s no longer “canon.”

        My favorites from this EU would be Thrawn Trilogy (met Timothy Zahn at a con – nicest guy you’ll ever meet!), Jedi Academy (what got me into it!), Shadows of the Empire (though flawed, it’s nice place to go back to), Ghosts of Tatooine (Leia’s discovery of her parents and her moving forward in starting a family), Darth Plagueis (lots of insight and lore that I can eat up!), just a few I can name. I’m still going through a few books on audible I love Mark Thompson’s voice overs. (I also had no idea he’s also Degwin Zabi in Gundam: The Origin!)

        Current Disney Timeline: Catalyst (really loved the focus on the family drama), Rebel Rising (direct sequel to Catalyst),

        I tried reading Wendig’s Aftermath series, but I’m not a fan of his writing style. I really, really tried to like Claudia Gray’s books, but they don’t resonate with me. I’m pretty active in the Star Wars book community, not sure why people compare her to the new Zahn. At least the manga adaptations look pretty and meme-able.



        Timothy Zahn is one of the best military sci-fi writers – I’m making it a point to get all of his Star Wars books one day.

        I think my favourite books were the Darth Bane trilogy, particularly the first one: It expanded on a lot of the concepts of Sith philosophy we saw in KotOR, their exaltation of the self and why choosing such a path would be understandable. That, and Bane’s evolution from miner to Dark Lord is a compelling journey and one of the best examples of a negative character arc.

        While I’m on the subject of Star Wars books, I really liked Matthew Stover’s novelization of Revenge of the Sith. Bit weird at certain parts but otherwise beautifully illustrates Anakin’s pathos as his fears and anxieties overwhelm him.

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