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    This game trailer was released today. What do you guys think? Are you looking forward to it? I heard it might get VR support.


    It was a missed opportunity not to include clone wars era content, especially after season 7 ending. Other than that I need to see some gameplay so I can fully decide.


    I was really hoping for a SP heavy game like the OG Rogue Squadron games.  I’ll probably get EA access to play the single player rather than buy it fully, because MP dogfighting doesn’t really interest me


    No EU, no buy.


    My heart sank the second I saw the artwork for it. Cos of course, it had to be a female pilot didn’t it. Yup those silly men don’t make the grade from here on in.


    Was it really? Can you post it here?


    I couldn’t be more excited for this one. As a lifelong Star Wars fans, to the point that I have Star Wara tattoos, I couldn’t for the life of me get in to Battlefront or Fallen Order. Battlefront was just boring and I could never see myself in the bland white dude that you are forced to play in Fallen Order.

    It looks like you’ll be able to choose a race, if the Trandoshan is anything to go by. The customization of fighters is something I’m already salivating over. The environments looks promising as well. I am definitely picking this one up.


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    I am completely NOT interested in a 5 x 5 multiplayer.

    I want a remaster of X-Wing or TIE Fighter.


    At first I was excited then I saw the trailer. EA did what EA always does, showed cinematics rather than game play footage. I’m not interested in watching cut scenes, I want to see what the actual screen is going to look like when I play.

    Frankly, I think any successor to X-Wing and TIE Fighter should be on the scale of Elite Dangerous. A huge galaxy that you can fly through, joining factions such as the Rebels, the Empire or bounty hunters, etc. The Empire would have more planets under their control and so as a rebel pilot you would have to be extremely careful of where you fly and to make sure you didn’t bring attention to yourself. Missions could be ran from mission boards or something. I’m talking a large scale, truly immersive environment. You would have other players flying around but pvp would only occur in certain areas in the systems, so it’s completely voluntary, or if accepted missions allow it.

    Who wouldn’t want to try to make the Kessel Run or see a Star Destroyer’s silhouette against the backdrop of Tatooine’s twin suns? Something that really makes you feel like you’re experiencing the Star Wars universe.

    But I digress. Something like that isn’t going to bring in the bucks that EA wants. I’m sure we’ll have a bunch of cosmetic micro-transactions added into the game. We will already have upgrades based on the time that players spend in the game (Battlefront, anyone?). Which will make teams unbalanced if you have a group that are dedicated competitive players going against a team that has a few casual, just for fun players.


    Another female main character and other non-white Rebellion protagonists fighting an evil white male TIE pilot. Getting sick of OT only stuff too. Some TCW era ships would’ve been nice. At $/€40 its contents probably won’t be too impressive either.


    I got excited because I hear its going to be fully available for PSVR. Ace Combat 7 VR is amazing. And there is a VR Call of Duty Infinite Warfare space demo that is amazing. But I might not buy this game if its woke..


    I’m excited because I like Starfighter related stories in Star Wars.


    I’m hyped but I’m also cautiously optimistic since we don’t know much about it. I’m hoping that this is the closest thing we’ll get to another Rogue Squadron game without actually being a Rogue Squadron game. Rogue Leader on the GameCube is my favorite Star Wars game of all time so, naturally, starfighter combat is always welcome in my opinion. Again, though, I’m cautiously optimistic especially since we’re just now getting any news on it as far as I know & if I remember correctly at the end of the trailer it said it was coming out October 2nd of this year & to me that’s not a whole lot of time to generate interest and/or have a beta test or flighting tests like 343i does with HALO MCC updates.


    Having seen the trailer, I first thought…’Battlefield in space’ !! The spectacle will be there, big explosions and familiar Star Wars sound bites, but will it bring anything unique and new ?
    I guess more will be explained and shown when EA do their livestream on the 18th June…I think.

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