The end of the MCU?

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    So on the docket for the new MCU movies are as follows. Love and Thunder…where they introduce Jane Foster as Thor, once again tearing down a great character to elevate a wamen.  Dr Strange,  introducing Amercan Chaves a total woke character that no one is asking for. Then there is Captain “where is my child support check” 2 a failed comic and a failed movie that only made money because it was sandwiched between Infinity war and End Game.  So am I wrong, is the MCU still going to put out good quality entertaining movies or is it going down the WOKE spiral of destruction like so many other franchises..Star Trek, Star wars and Dr Who?


    That is why alot of people in the Fandom consider “ENDGAME: as the END Game of the MCU.

    The direction they are going in now is “go woke go broke”, and is NOT to be supported.

    Give us good, quality products, and they will make money.

    Give us crap, and see how the sh!t will forever taint your reputation.


    This is just the calm before the storm of all the good shit they got waiting in the wings with F4, Silver Surfer, and the mutants.


    The only movie I’m looking forward to is Dr. Strange.  The rest I could care less.  Voting with my wallet as they say.  Sam Raimi is directing and I have a serious Cumbercrush.  But if any of my favorite reviewers say it’s crap, I WON’T be spending my money.   Endgame was the end for me.  I wish I could have my Captain Marvel money back!


    Maybe this is just me being hopefull, but i think most of the movies have the potential to be good (assuming the ones on top turn on those few brain cells 💸💸), the only movie i think’s a guaranteed train wreck’s The Eternals, since they gender swapped half of them

    I’m very curious by nature, so even if lots of reviews say something is shit, i still like to go and see for myself

    I went to watch Dark Phoenix after hearing it was shit, and it was indeed 💩

    I went to watch Men In Black International after hearing it was shit, it wasn’t great, but i really enjoyed it, actually had the whole cinema to myself, great for me, i hate crowds, not so great for the box office 💸


    Maybe you’ll be one of my reviewers DigiCat!!  You can tell me if upcoming MCU movies are worth the 💵


    As much as I critique the MCU, it shouldn’t finish with Endgame. The Marvel universe doesn’t revolve around just The Avengers. You got Fantastic Four, X-Men, Deadpool, and other characters as well. So saying that the MCU should end is like saying there shouldn’t be anymore comic book movies.


    I’m also looking forward to Doctor Strange 2, mainly because, besides Sam Raimi, I actually heard some leaked rumors on what characters will be featured in it.


    The MCU has phases, where all the films are “linked” in some way to the bigger story arc.

    So as much as we want a good FF film, and more Deadpool (rated R), a brie (wood plank) larson leading the next phase is a wreak waiting to happen.

    The Inquisition (Nerdrotic & Doomcock) were talking about how brie is upset another character might be better than her “mary sue”.

    I did not hear squirrel girl was gonna be in captain crap 2.  :P


    I think it’s going to be interesting to see which way the MCU is going and who is going to be the next big bad guy. Also, it’s fresh to have a new start with new characters.

    Spidey is already a goat superhero for me, and I’m hyped to see more Black Panther, Dr. Strange, GotG, Thor (not female Thor though) and excited for Shang Chi as well as Black Widow. Eternal can be a hit or miss, I’ll give it a fair chance. I have no interest in Captain Marvel but I might check it out because it’s probably going to be important in the long running story arc.

    At the moment the MCU looks fresh and cool to me with a lot of potentialm and it’s only getting better when they throw in some X-Men (please have Nightcrawler or Gambit in the MCU).


    Nightcrawler’s one of my favorite X-Men



    Nightcrawler is rumored to be in MCU’s X-Men roaster. Sadly, no Wolverine or Gambit. But that could all change since we won’t see X-Men in the MCU for a long while, so things are still in early stages.


    I don’t even see these movies, beyond the ones already being filmed, ever seeing the light of day. Milan had to be put to streaming because they needed to get some kind of revenue from it as they know the context around the film is undesirable in the wake of all the anti-China sentiment in the US right now. Disney just had to cut down their park hours cause nobody is going to the parks with their insane rules in place. I was there last week and it was a very grueling experience for both my wife and I and we saw hardly anyone the entire time we were there. It doesn’t take much to see that that means they are running out of money to even keep their parks afloat. How in the world are they going to be able to fund these films if their main source of income is drying up? As for the MCU, I see Marvel itself getting the ax just like DC just did and sticking to safe, non-SJW filled floppy comics for a while until Disney determines which of the IP’s they own need to be let go in order to keep the company alive (My money is on Marvel and than maybe Lucasfilm getting sold off in the not too distant future).


    Regardless, I think a lot of the talk around anything in the future is literally just talk and a facade in order to make people think everything is OK and moving forward as normal. Don’t be surprised if when all is said and done, most of those films are either dramatically changed or don’t come out at all!


    My hope’s that these movie’ll come out with out (or at least much less) SJW crap in ’em cause they’ll need to make money after this shit


    No the MsheU is full woke and Endgame was the final film.


    As an Iron Man collector since 1989, I drew the lucky fanboy stick in 2007. But now I’m worried that it’s payback time and they’ll finally bring Quasar to the big screen and we will have amazing Quantum Bands and everything that comes with it, but on screen we will get Phylla instead of Wendell because that’s the forced zeitgeist.

    But that nerd shit aside, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Your only real power is financial support. So don’t bitch and moan about it but then pay to go see it and continue to bitch and moan. Doing that makes you a pawn and a patsy.  This is the ubiquitous “you”, by the way. Sort of broadcasted out there and not aimed and someone here specifically.

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