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      Ok, just finished watching the season finale, now, time to review, how was The Falcon And The Winter Soldier?

      Oh yeah, spoiler alert:

      Overall, the show itself, really good, but had the potential to be even better, really liked the plot (which wasn’t about people being racist to black Captain America 😁), great character development, and some unexpected twist, as for wokeness, kept to a minimum and came off more as cheesy than in your face

      I really liked the dynamic between Sam and Bucky, they both had really good character development, one of my favorite scenes is when they fight John Walker, and at the end of the battle, the dropping of the shield reminiscent of Civil War, then with Iron Man and Cap, now with Sam and Bucky, even the soundtrack which was a mashup of Falcon + Winter Soldier and Civil War, and as Bucky drops the shield the music from Winter Soldier starts playing, this scene was very well done 👍

      We got to catch up with Zemo, and Sharon Carter, who might be turning to the dark side ??? Got to meet Falcon’s sister, got introduced to a new Captain America and his sidekick Battlestar, which… well, poor Battlestar 😿 Wyatt Russell did a great job playing crazy Cap, enter Isaiah, from whom we find out the super soldier serum has been used in multiple experiments and covered up, and the chick from the trailer, Carly, ended up being the main villain and a complete psychopath

      The few nitpicks I have, rather than about the content itself it’s the reason they’re probably there, now, credit where credit’s due, the story didn’t revolve around Falcon being black and racism, but they had to get something of “hey look, Falcon is black and he’s Captain America” in, yes, we can see that, now tell the actual story

      Like when Isaiah’s telling Sam about the super soldier experiments ” they’d never let a black man be Captain America “, look, I get that Isaiah, at that age, he’s definitely lived thru real discrimination, so for him to think that could’ve been the reason is not so far fetched, but, if you listen to his story and put the pieces together, you’ll see that, it wouldn’t have mattered if he was black, white, man, woman, they were never gonna make him Cap ’cause he, and the rest of his team, were scapegoats to them, in fact, he was jailed to cover up the super soldier experiments

      Next bit that reeked a bit of propaganda, when Falcon, now Cap-Falcon, ’cause he has the shield and wings 😸, gets angry at Carly being called a terrorist, again, taking out the probable reason that scene was included, I can understand why Falcon would react like that, he’s obviously a lot more emotional than he lets on, on top of that he’d just watched her die, and she was a teenager, so I get how all that can steer someone to think irrationally, so Falcon, emotions make us human, but sometimes it’s best to have your head screwed on tight, so as to understand that what Carly did was wrong, and she had no regard for human life, moral of the story, never feel sorry for a psychopath

      Anyway, there were a bunch of moments like this, most of which were cheesy af and completely out of place, but didn’t ruin the show for me

      Final verdict: The Falcon And The Winter Soldier vs WandaVision… I preferred WandaVision, I’d say it was the mild wokeness that pushed TFATWS down, but even without it, overall I like WandaVision more

      Next stop, Loki… It’s going to be glorious 😈

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